Don't Know Your Birth Time? Here Are Your Options

Don't Know Your Birth Time? Here Are Your Options

Astrology can help you learn about yourself and discover your purpose in life. But you can't achieve that without knowing your exact birth time. While most people don't pay much attention to birth certificates, some governments and cultures in some parts of the world don't include this information. Besides, some people don't have access to these records.

So, what are your options when you want to seek ancient wisdom of the stars but don't have the necessary information?


There are some steps you can take to help find out your birth time. But first things first:

Why Is Having an Accurate Birth Time Important?

Your astrologer will ask for your date of birth, your town of birth, and the exact time you were born. Here's why it's critical to answer accurately.

The positions of the planets that cause the difference in personalities move relatively fast and make a considerable shift every three minutes.


Traits shift from the foreground to the background and back again, meaning the astrologer could be dealing with different personalities within 15 minutes.

Confusing, right? It will even get worse because predictions are determined by the exact timing of fast-changing points in your chart. If your time is incorrect by even a few minutes, the dates of experiences and events in your life could be off by several months, if not years.


The prediction could describe a certain period accurately but be off by years. Any astrology worth their salt would care about such mistakes.

Tips and Tricks to Find Your Birth Time

If you are unsure of your birth time, you might want to consider the following:

Ask Family Members

If possible, ask family members if they can remember your birth time. Usually, parents hold this kind of information. But some reasons could make it impossible to inquire from them.


In that case, you can ask any member of your family that could have a clue as to when you were born. But don't be surprised when you don't get any reliable information.

You can also get this information from any storage containing family information such as records, journals, old boxes, etc. if you're lucky, you might get information about your birth time recorded in a letter or old journal.


Try Finding Your Birth Certificate

If you don't have any family members to contact, your other option is to look for your birth certificate.

Dig around the issuance of birth certificates and record-keeping policies in your state. For instance, in the US, birth time is recorded in a short form or long-form. In the UK, birth times are only recorded in the event of multiple births. Some countries such as Canada, Australia, and Ireland do not keep official records regarding the time of delivery.


Depending on which country you come from, you can request a birth certificate that indicates the time of birth. You can obtain these records from the health department or within vital documents in your state.

Run a Solar Sign Chart

A solar chart is more accurate when the birth time is known. But if you can't find your birth time, you might want to consider a Solar sign chart. Astrologers who provide daily horoscopes found in magazines and newspapers use this method. It works by marking your time of birth as around sunrise.


These charts are more symbolic than a traditional chart and provide more information about your personality. Yes, even for people who don't know their birth time, a solar sign chart can be enlightening.

But this method cannot depict your Moon sign accurately. Why? Because the moon moves by about 1° every two hours. If, for instance, the moon was moving from one movement to another on the day you were born, a Solar sign chart is likely to pick the wrong sign.


It is also essential to study the Moon signs. If the Solar sign charts show that your Moon is in Pisces, but the description does not add up, you can find out what the Moon placements surrounding Pisces - Aries and Aquarius mean.

Consider Rectification

Any reputable astrologer using a trusted method such as the Indian horoscope prediction can look at your life's major events and create an accurate chart through rectification.


Your astrologer will look at the exact time certain experiences or events in your such as deaths, births, divorce, lottery winnings, etc., happened and work backward to "rectify" your chart.

However, this process takes time and might be costly than other options, given that you'll require an experienced astrologer to guide you through the process.