Don't Give Kids Toys, Give Them Experience To Make Them Happier And Smarter.

Don’t Give Kids Toys, Give Them Experience To Make Them Happier And Smarter.

Toys can overwhelm children and make them lose concentration. Experiences will make them happier. Before you dismiss this information, find out what the experts have to say.

You want to give your child everything, and more often than not, it includes a whole bunch of useless and expensive toys. It's not just wasteful. It's harmful because your child craves knowledge and experiences.

When you buy a gift, you should focus on your child's hobbies and purchase something that they can experience with you. It can be a movie, a concert ticket, or a CD from a performance you have already seen to keep the memory alive.

For kids, a trip to a museum, going ice skating or getting a book that you will read together over and over again are experiential gifts.

Too many toys lower the children's attention span and don't allow them to grow their creativity. As a result, we have children who can't focus and struggle to make decisions later in life.

The Oxford study implies that by giving kids toys, parents avoid spending time with them. And that's where it all goes wrong.

According to this research, children show much more improvement in their emotional and social development, if they regularly communicate with their parents.

Building a secure parent-child bond enhances emotional intelligence in kids, which benefits both their mental state and their skills.

In a study at the University of Toledo, Ohio, researchers hypothesized that "an abundance of toys reduced the quality of toddlers' play, and that fewer toys will benefit children in the long-term."

During toddlerhood, children develop, but may not have mastered, higher-level control over attention. Their concentration, and their play, may be disrupted by factors in their environments that present distraction. The results of the present study suggest that an abundance of toys may create such a distraction.

Lead author, Dr. Carly Dauch, in the journal, Infant Behavior, and Development.

Playing with your child creates a stronger bond, but creating something will stimulate their little minds and prepare them for adult life.

Stop wasting your money, and spend time with your kids instead.