Don't Ignore These 18 Signs Of Emotional Abuse

Don't Ignore These 18 Signs Of Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse affects how you think about yourself. It comes in the form of words, actions, and attitude which demean and humiliate you. This leaves you feeling powerless, afraid, and confused. Any form of abuse directly affects your self-esteem. It can happen to anyone, and the victims are left nursing their wounds.

Emotional abuse is easy to deny and hide, but the bottom line is you are suffering. It causes deep psychological damage, and that is why if you are a victim you should not hesitate to seek help. The following behaviors might indicate that you are emotionally abused.

1. You face accusations for things that you know nothing about. This makes you develop fear because you think that your partner may view it differently.

2. You might be secluded from catching up with your family or friends. You end up feeling detached from the people who could have provided a shoulder to lean on when you need them the most.

3. Your partner might be too bossy especially when it comes to your financial life. He doesn't allow you to budget for your things yet it is your money.

4. You lack a clear stand. Your partner can dictate you yet you fear to decline to his expectations despite your feeling that you are not able to do it. This can be attributed to fear.

5. When your partner decides the most crucial things in your life without putting consideration on how you think about it. This might include your clothing, career, and how you spend your time.

6. Every time your partner is upset you always seem to take the blame. You are weak inside, and you often get exploited for what you never did.

7. You might be shy cracking jokes. You feel it can offend your partner. This is a clear indication you are confused. You don't know what is right or wrong because of your fear to be assaulted.

8. You feel you are always in the wrong and your partner is right.

9. You end up feeling guilty, especially when you are doing anything that doesn't concern your partner. You feel that his happiness should be given a priority.

10. When you realize your partner checks on you all the time and the only thing he wants to know is who you are hanging out with it is a clear indication that you are in an abusive relationship.

11. You feel that you have the lowest rank in the relationship and you ought to submit to your partner.

12. When you realize your dreams and ambition don't matter, they are never given a second thought; you are possibly in an abusive relationship.

13. Your partner withholds time, money, and affection to punish you.

14. Your partner criticizes you for being sensitive when you are upset. This makes you more confused and afraid to express how you feel.

15. Your partner no longer values your private life. He exposes your sexual encounters and your secrets to other people, yet it was meant to remain confidential between the two of you.

16. Your partner doesn't feel ashamed when criticizing you in front of your family and friends. This shows a lack of respect for you and even for the rest of the family members.

17. Your partner wants to adopt their ideologies by dismissing your opinions and feelings towards something. This is a clear indication that you don't matter to him, he is just exploiting you for personal gains.

18. You are rarely given a chance to make your own decisions even on the matters that matter to you. Even if you strongly disagree with him, he is always fond of overlooking how you feel about certain issues and considers what he thinks about it to be the right thing to do.