Don't Get Rid Of Your Belly—Guys Like A Little Jiggle

Don’t Get Rid Of Your Belly—guys Like A Little Jiggle

If you think the perfect flat stomach matters to a guy, then think again. As it turns out, most guys like women with a bit of a jiggly belly. While you are not called upon to go seeking one, it means you should not think that a guy will not be into you because you lack a flat stomach.

Not convinced? Consider these facts:

1. Let's Be Real, Most Women Have Bellies

Not many women have toned abs. Many have some belly, and that's actually okay – it's nothing to feel bad about.


2. The Guys Have Some Belly As Well

Most boyfriends don't have an athletic build complete with six-packs. That might bother them a little as well. But he does not have to worry about that because you are really into him and you think he is cute. And trust me, it's the same for you. So, you do not have to worry about him not liking you because of your belly.

3. Don't Let A Belly Make You Feel Less Confident Around Guys

As soon as you start worrying about your body when around a guy, the mood will get worse and make the encounter less likely to lead to something more.


4. Insecurity Is Very Unattractive

Even if you strongly believe that some belly is really unattractive, understand that lack of self-confidence and overpowering insecurity is even worse. While all of us have a few insecurities once in a while, letting it take charge of you will make you less attractive to a guy or anyone else more than your seemingly flawed body ever could.

5. It's A Pointless Mental Bother

It's easy to overthink when you are dating someone. But you don't have to overthink every situation. If a guy says he is into you, then accept that he likes you and you should not feel compelled to change anything about you for his sake, not even your belly.


6. You Have A Life

There is nothing stopping you from getting a flatter stomach if you want. But it might require that you spend hours in the gym every week. That does not sound like much fun, does it? And where would you get the time? Going to the gym is important, but the focus should be staying healthy, not losing a little jiggle.

7. Take Pride In Your Curves

You are beautiful just the way you are. Even if you take a look around, you will realize that many popular women have curves, and they take pride in them. What matters the most to a guy is being confident in your own skin.


8. You Have Bigger Worries

If you have to be worried, let it be about things like being in a healthy relationship, lack of enough sleep, and so forth. There is no reason to obsess over how your belly looks.

9. Your Body Flaws Matter More To You Than They Do To Him

You will never hear a guy say they are not going to be with you because you lack a flat stomach. So, you care about the way you look more than he does. Any guy who tells you something horrible about your appearance is definitely not right for you.


10. If He's Right For You, Your Appearance Is Not An Issue

If a guy is attracted to you, then he considered more than the physical profile of your belly. He must like a lot of things about you, and a little belly would never be a deal-breaker. In any case, as we have found out, many guys prefer a little belly.