Don't Get Caught In A Texting Relationship — How To Avoid Getting Stuck On Your Phone

Text-based relationships are a modern aspect of dating in the 21st century. If you were to inform your grandparents that you sent an explicit photo of yourself to your potential spouse for sexual gratification before meeting in person, it may shock them. While the world has progressed from the era when your grandparents exchanged innocent love letters, it is prudent to exercise restraint if you want to avoid getting trapped in a texting relationship. To achieve this, consider following the tips below.

1. Meet in person as soon as you can

When you connect with someone through a dating app or social media, it's effortless to succumb to the trap of incessant texting, given that it's the medium you first use to communicate. However, with some self-discipline, you can avoid this pitfall. Rather than getting carried away with the novelty of a new person, establish a strict time limit for texting before proposing an in-person meeting. If they decline the suggestion of a face-to-face meeting, it's an indication that they aren't genuinely interested.

2. Have sex before sexting

Engaging in sexting before physically connecting with someone is precarious, and not just because sharing personal photos with strangers online is unwise. Besides, it's challenging enough to reconcile a person's appearance in their photos and in real life. Bringing sex into the equation only amplifies the possibility of being deceived and allows both parties to portray themselves in an unrealistic manner. Consequently, it creates a reluctance to meet in person since one might feel inadequate and self-conscious about presenting their authentic selves. Postponing sexual intimacy until after an in-person meeting is advisable to avoid getting entangled in phone sex.

3. Only do long distance with someone you've been dating for a while

Many individuals use dating apps to find casual hookups while traveling. However, suppose you aspire to develop a lasting relationship. In that case, it's advisable to steer clear of such individuals. While long-distance relationships can be successful, it's seldom feasible when initiated in this manner. To genuinely understand someone, investing time is essential. No matter how many zoom calls or lengthy text messages exchanged, they cannot replicate the magic that occurs when you are physically present with one another.

4. Save your heart-to-heart conversations for dates

When you connect with someone online, there's a temptation to get intimate quickly. It's convenient to share personal information when you're snuggled up in bed typing away on a screen. You may find yourself texting things to a total stranger that you haven't even discussed with your closest confidants. In such situations, you might feel as though you already know everything about each other, which takes the incentive out of taking things offline. This is a classic setup for a texting relationship. To prevent this, reserve personal discussions for your first real-life meeting.

5. Be unresponsive

Even if you intend to keep things informal and straightforward over text, the other person may start divulging their life story and romantic goals. To prevent this, discourage them from getting too emotionally invested. The most effective approach to achieve this without appearing disinterested is to shift the conversation or propose meeting up in person. It demonstrates your interest without being willing to conduct the entire first phase of dates over text. Some people may be put off by this, but they're the ones who aren't seeking real-world relationships, so you won't miss out by losing them.

6. Invite them out regularly

When you connect with someone online, you need to engage in some initial texting to determine if you want to meet face-to-face. This should not take days but rather a few hours, and in some instances, it may take only a few minutes. Take the initiative to propose a meeting. Don't wait for the other person to make the first move. If they appear hesitant initially, wait for a little while before asking again. Eventually, it will become evident if they're interested in pursuing a genuine relationship or just seeking a texting buddy.

7. Tell them you don't want a texting relationship

To prevent a texting relationship from developing, be upfront with the person and express that you're not interested in that kind of arrangement. Most people have experienced getting stuck in an unending cycle of messaging with someone they're interested in, and they'll understand. If they don't, they are likely the type of person who prefers to communicate only via text and isn't interested in taking things further.

8. Be prepared to put the time in

Texting relationships can happen when people underestimate the effort required for a real-world relationship. Starting a conversation on an app or social media is easy, and it's tempting to seek companionship from the comfort of your own home. However, once you start texting with someone, you might realize that you're not willing to put in the effort to go on actual dates. To avoid a texting relationship, make sure you're ready and willing to invest the time and energy to turn it into something more.

9. Show you're serious by walking away

Many people find themselves in texting relationships because they lack self-respect and struggle to walk away. When you have a strong connection with someone, it can be difficult to end things simply because they refuse to meet in person. It may seem easier to wait for them to develop deeper feelings for you, but this kind of optimism can lead to years of uncertainty and prevent you from finding true happiness. It's important to recognize when it's time to move on and not let yourself get stuck in limbo. Don't fall into this trap and prioritize your own self-worth.

How To Spot Someone Who Only Wants A Texting Relationship

A possible reason for falling into a texting relationship is when the other person is not genuinely interested in dating and simply wants someone to chat or exchange sexual messages with, without any commitment or meeting up in person. To identify someone who lacks serious intentions towards you, here are some key indicators.

1. They only text on their terms

Those who seek texting relationships may only respond when they feel like it and give brief, formal replies when you initiate contact. They may be uncomfortable with genuine closeness and instead use you as a sounding board for their emotional purging. Once they've offloaded their feelings, they might push you away if you attempt to maintain the connection when they're no longer in distress.

2. They leave you hanging

Individuals tend to prefer texting relationships when they seek emotional aid but aren't willing to reciprocate it. They are available when they want to share their emotional burdens with you but unavailable when you need their support. They might disappear mysteriously when you try to reach out to them for a conversation.

3. They avoid seeing you IRL

The most obvious and definitive indication that someone is not serious about you is if they consistently evade meeting you in person. Despite any rationalizations you may make for their actions, if there's a clear pattern of avoidance, it's safe to say that they aren't invested in pursuing a genuine relationship. It's as straightforward as that.