Don't Force Friendships Or Relationships, If You Don't Vibe, You Don't Vibe

Don't Force Friendships Or Relationships, If You Don't Vibe, You Don't Vibe

Sorry your friends let you down.

Sorry your partner treats you like you're nothing.

It hurts to remember how close you were back then, but it is time to let it go.

One of the hardest things to do is to let go of what you thought was real. Your love and your caring for your friends or partner were real but not for them.

You can't stay with people who don't see your worth or find any stupid reasons to mentally or physically put you down.

You can't stay with people who envy or hate you when good things happen to you.

Stop letting people control so much of your mind, your feelings, your emotions. You are human, not an object.

A real friend or a partner won't agree with you all the time to make you happy. No matter if you want to hear it or not, they'll say what they really think, not to put you down but to lift you up and to support you in your decisions. This should work this way and if it isn't, let it go.

Don't Force Friendships Or Relationships, If You Don't Vibe, You Don't Vibe

Sometimes you want to keep this friendship or relationship so bad, but you can't force it. Once you get tired of trying to work things out, tired of giving chances, well, it will be time to leave and close this chapter of your life forever.

So don't you ever feel guilty about removing toxic people from your life without explanations? It doesn't matter to them if they hurt you or not, so do the same. Just pretend they don't exist anymore.

You have to remember there are 3 kinds of toxic people in your life: the ones who left you in difficult times, the ones who put you through hell, and the ones who used you only for their needs.

All of them will take and take, then leave you empty. You will end up with hurt feelings while they will enjoy seeing you down. Toxic friends or partners are really just maintaining a connection with you for one reason. When they need you, they still have a way in.

Stop wasting your time and energy on people who are unappreciative, period. It is time for you to let it go and never look back.

Don't be afraid to start over. New friends and new relationships will show up in your life. You will learn how to keep the best people in your life who truly cares for you, who makes you happy, and support you, and it will be mutual.

We don't meet people by accident, the toxic ones will cross our path for many reasons. You will learn that your life is too precious to waste your energy on them. Your inner peace will be more important for you, and you will gain maturity.

You need to realize that some people can stay in your heart but not in your life. Once you understand this, everything will make sense to you.