Don't Date Me Unless You're Ready For Something Real

I'm not interested in a casual "relationship" that consists solely of constant texting without ever meeting up. Neither am I seeking a one-night stand or a friends-with-benefits arrangement. My goal is to find something genuine, so please don't waste my time unless you're prepared for a committed relationship.

1. I'm Finished Hiding My Feelings

If the thought of a woman asking you out on an actual date or expressing her love scares you, then please refrain from texting me. I won't feign disinterest in you to gain any kind of leverage or power. I have no intention of engaging in such games.

2. I'm Sick Of Feeling Desperate

Just because I text you every day and suggest going on a real date that isn't limited to watching Netflix, doesn't mean I'm desperate. I'm simply looking for someone who values the effort I put into our relationship and is willing to reciprocate.

3. I'd Rather Be Single Than In A Meaningless Relationship

I'm not seeking a boyfriend solely for the sake of it. I desire a life partner whom I can spend the rest of my days with. If you're not prepared for such a significant commitment, then please take a step back.

4. Players Don't Interest Me Anymore

I've had my share of casual encounters, and I'm no longer interested in that lifestyle. I'm not seeking uncommitted, passionate sex. Rather, I'm looking for a partner who is comfortable with the idea of skipping sex on some occasions and cuddling instead.

5. I've Been Let Down Too Many Times

I don't wish to put in the effort to memorize your birthday and the names of all your siblings if you're not going to stick around. It's exhausting. If you're aware from the beginning that you're not prepared for a genuine commitment, then please spare me the trouble and look for another girl.

6. I'm Not A Way For You To Get Free Sex

I won't tolerate a one-sided arrangement where you expect to have sex with me every night without giving anything in return. If sex is all you seek, you can easily find a fling at a bar. I'm not a mere sex object, ready to comply with your every request.

7. I'm Not Going To Lie To You

I believe in being straightforward about what I desire, and I expect the same from you. If I express my interest in a genuine relationship, please don't mislead me by pretending to want the same just to prolong our interaction. I would appreciate it if you would extend me the courtesy of being honest about your intentions.

8. Casual Relationships Are A Waste Of My Time

Every moment I spend with the wrong guy is a moment I could be spending with the right one. As I'm getting older, I'm increasingly motivated to make the most of my future, which means it's time for all unsuitable individuals to step aside.

9. I'm Ready For Something Real

I'm finally at a point in my life where I'm prepared for a serious, committed relationship. I'm no longer interested in players or anything that could detract me from what I genuinely want. It's either the real deal or nothing at all for me now.