Don't Date Anyone Who Stops Choosing You

Don’t Date Anyone Who Stops Choosing You

Don't date anyone unless they keep choosing you. You should be with someone who makes a choice to be with you every single day. So, date someone who never stops making the decision to love you every day. It's the least you deserve.

The person you date should never get bored with knowing you more and more, whether it be your body or your mind. The last thing you need is someone who apparently knows so much about you that they start taking you for granted. We grow and change every day, and you should be with someone who is interested in knowing the person you are becoming every day.

When with the right person, loving you will seem like the best thing ever.

You should date someone who is excited about you. The thought of you should be so exciting to this person, and your company should be their greatest delight. So, date someone who fantasizes about the beautiful future you could have, and feels the chills just because they miss you.

Be with someone who keeps choosing you. Never settle for someone who stops choosing you, because being with someone who wants you every day is what you truly deserve.

Never date someone who makes you feel like they are giving up on you. When someone decides to date you, they should be all in and have no desire to look back. So, be with someone who reassures you of your worth when you need this reassurance the most.

Be with someone with whom you feel that your worth is understood and appreciated. Date someone who does not run out of ways to let you know how much you mean to them. It should not matter how tired they are, they should always be willing to let you know how much you mean to them.

Date someone who knows your importance, and reminds you of how much you are worth time and time again. Don't be with someone who keeps forgetting how important you are to them.

Be with someone who chooses you every time. Anyone who chooses you only during certain occasions is not worth a place in your life.

Here's why — when someone chooses you time and time again, they are making the choice to commit to you in love. By choosing you, the person is making you know what their priorities are and reassuring you that they will be there no matter what.

That person is making you feel safe, and letting you know that there is nothing powerful enough to separate the two of you.

Being someone's choice is the most amazing thing, and it means that even when life gets rough and seemingly unbearable, the two of you will make it through.

And so, you should date someone who does not stop choosing you. Date someone who chooses you whenever there is a chance. You should be with someone who makes you feel worthwhile and loved.

You should feel safe, and you deserve nothing but genuine commitment.

Therefore, be with someone who actually chooses you.