Don't Date A Man Of Empty Words: Date A Man Of Action

Don’t Date A Man Of Empty Words: Date A Man Of Action

One of the biggest issues of the social media age that we find ourselves firmly inculcated within today is the issue of remaining genuine. We have so many words at our disposal and so many ways and platforms upon which to express them.

Doesn't that mean that much like the Wall Street Crash of 1929 there's an inflationary pressure applied to the words we speak? The more that romcoms tell us what we want to hear, the more guys will just memorize those phrases.


Yes, it will sound and feel good when those three little words are uttered in public or within the hearing scope of your parents or skeptical friends, but sometimes it comes across as a little disingenuous.

Sometimes words can become weapons, words threatened, affection promised, or taken away. If you give someone the power to control you with just words, then that's not a healthy basis for a relationship.


It means that you need a man of action instead

A man who expresses his love to you in ways that are proven and material will make you really feel the love, it's obvious and plain. He isn't ashamed of his feelings or hiding behind awkward gifts.

More importantly, you don't have to spend hours decoding texts or scrounging the bottom of the barrel for attention. If you have to relate too hard to that song about love kernels from 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' on The CW then you're in trouble.


That's the beauty of a man of action, you know where you stand. Your relationship is based on communication and clarity. If you are upset or feel that your needs aren't being met, you are comfortable enough to let him know.

Furthermore, he will thank you for it, because he truly cares, as his actions demonstrate. Most people want to be told if they are unconsciously upsetting someone with their habits.


It's upsetting sometimes to even think about accidentally causing someone you love pain or suffering

Particularly if you're unaware of it, over a long period of time. While a bitter pill to swallow, it's one that's best to get over with sooner rather than later.

A man of action will recognize and embrace this because they want to make it work. A man of action rather than words will meet you at the airport with lilies, not just send you a text to check that you're on the continent.


He will send you the good morning text without it feeling like a chore, but attach a message or plan for your next date with it. The gesture won't feel empty or meaningless like just sending a 'u up' text can so often feel like.

In short, whether on account of the fact his mother raised him right, or just that he's more emotionally mature than guys his age if you meet a man of action, snap him up.


Once you date a man who means what he says and whose actions back up his words, you can't go back to the hollow insignificance of a relationship based on words alone.

It just feels empty and performative and isn't emotionally satisfying

You often need perspective to realize what it is that you actually want in a relationship. It's ok that you don't know that straight away, but we have to look at our life in the eye sometimes. Just make a difficult decision.


Or be bold and put ourselves out there. It may be intimidating to have a guy more interested in meeting up than having a conversation by text. But that means he's interested. That he's invested in you, not the idea of you.

Isn't that the most telling, life-affirming thing of all? He sees you, truly sees you, and sticks around. Pays attention, listens!

You know he's around for the long haul and you don't have to second guess his every message. You know he means exactly what he says. And backs it up with actions.