Don't Be Intimidated — Dominant Women Make Amazing Girlfriends


Although strong and independent women may appear intimidating initially, this is far from the reality. Some women have a natural inclination to take charge and approach every aspect of life, including dating, with confidence and determination. Not all women are suited to playing submissive or nurturing roles, but this does not diminish the greatness that they can achieve.

1. We Go After What We Want In Life

We are driven individuals who pursue what we desire in life with unwavering determination. Whether it's a specific career or a new big screen, we work tirelessly to make it a reality without hesitation. In a romantic relationship, we not only chase our own aspirations but also strive for shared goals as a team with our partner.

2. We Know How To Get Stuff Done

We step up to the plate when action is required. Whether it's organizing a party or taking on a responsibility, we are committed to succeeding. We find gratification in accomplishing tasks and excel in productivity. If we are a part of your life, be prepared to witness our exceptional ability to handle tasks and our determined "get-stuff-done" attitude.

3. We're Not Afraid To Make The First Move.

As assertive women, we take the initiative and don't hold back when it comes to making the first move. We are passionate and assertive in our approach to intimacy, always eager to explore new experiences. You won't have to remind us about sex, as we are constantly anticipating our next encounter and eagerly anticipating the opportunity to take charge.

4. We Won't Let Our Stuff Get Out Of Line

As women who are inherently in control, we take pride in being organized and responsible. We don't let life's challenges overwhelm us and approach our responsibilities with the maturity expected of adults. Our natural assertive tendencies enable us to prioritize and focus our attention on the most significant tasks first, allowing us to savor the moments in between to the fullest.

5. We Don't Need A Prince Charming — We're Already Queens

We have established our own sovereignty in life, meaning that we don't seek a partner to rescue us or fill the gaps in our abilities - we are self-sufficient. Our self-sufficiency makes us ideal partners, as we don't rely on someone else to complete us or take care of us. Instead, we seek a true partner in life who shares our values and can join us in our journey.

6. We Mesmerize With Our 'zero F*cks Given' Attitude

You'll be amazed by how little we care about trivial things. We take a proactive approach to problem-solving and don't shy away from life's challenges. As your partner, you can rest assured that we won't crumble in the face of difficulties. Instead, we will confront obstacles with determination and a desire to find solutions.

7. We're Smart AF

Engaging in intelligent conversations comes naturally to us, as we have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. We are constantly absorbing new information and seeking to learn because we believe that knowledge is power, and it fuels our success.

8. We Don't Slack Off

Although we enjoy relaxing with the amazing man in our life, we understand that downtime is only possible after we've achieved our goals. We never fall into a lazy routine because we know that our productivity enhances our overall functioning at a higher level. While we may come down off our dominant high occasionally, we always prioritize achieving our objectives first.

9. We Want To Love You As Hard As You Love Us

As dominant women, our assertive nature extends beyond our careers and the bedroom - it carries over into our approach to love. When we love, we do so with intensity and passion, leaving no room for half-hearted efforts. If you are willing to step up and be our partner, you will be making one of the best choices of your life, as we match our love with our hustle.