Don't Assume Someone Is Not Struggling Just Because They Carry Their Load Well

Don't Assume Someone Is Not Struggling Just Because They Carry Their Load Well

The death of someone close, breakup, financial loss; let's face it; everyone has gone through something that shook their existence to the core. Life is not a garden of flowers for anyone.

Superficially, we might see smiling faces, but deep down, everyone carries some burdens that nobody knows about.

Be Kind; You Don't Know The Battle They Fight

Smiles and laughter can be deceptive. Just because someone has a bubbly personality doesn't indicate that their life is sailing smoothly.

Be compassionate and kind towards others. Just because someone is willing to help you, it shouldn't make you think that they are ready to carry your emotional baggage.

Be gentle towards every soul you meet. You have no idea what other people go through.

Try Making It Easy For Others

Just as you'd want others to be kind and compassionate towards you, you should try and act the same way.

Believe me; when you start practicing compassion, you'll notice your surroundings becoming calmer and more amicable.

No Two Situations Are Comparable

Comparing circumstances is a horrible thing to do. Never compare your life with others or vice versa.

Be thankful for what you have, and always try and make the best of the situations. Even those who apparently seem to live the best lives on the outside might be going through difficult mental conditions.

Understandably, sometimes we tend to put our interest as a priority. This is fine as long as our intentions aren't to exploit others.

Tough Situations Ensure Growth

No troubles come without a lesson. Every time you face adversity, you have a choice; whether to grow as a person or to complain about it.

I want you to choose to grow.

When you decide that you are bigger than your circumstances, that is when the real growth happens. To think that everyone is living the best life other than you is foolish. Life isn't easy for anyone in the world. Everyone in the world has a fair share of troubles in their lives.

Be inspired by someone who doesn't lose their smile even under the immense burdens. If you manage to go through adversities without losing your buoyance, then you've achieved real growth.

No One Can Really Be Understood

Every situation is different. Frankly, nobody can ever be completely understood. Just as you feel that your situation is the worst, similarly, others feel the same way.

In times where everyone is battling through unspeakable things, it is imperative to be kind and humble. A little empathy can take you a long way.

Have Faith

Life never burdens anyone more than they can handle. Adversities are growth opportunities. Tough times don't last long, but the learning acquired through them lasts for a lifetime. It makes us wise and gives us the necessary experience to make our lives better.

Don't Transfer The Pain

Realize that life is tough for everyone. As a responsible and empathetic human being, you must ensure that you don't transfer your pain to others.

You can really make the struggles easy for others by keeping your troubles to yourself. Those who learn to keep their traumas to themselves and are working hard to overcome them are really making this world a better place.

Nothing Remains Forever

If you are going through something that seems unbearable, then hold on. Please believe in me. Trust me, these times will end, and you'll eventually look back and thank these times for the growth they gave you.

Till then, have faith. Be kind to yourself and those around you. Everyone is battling; some people just carry their load well!