Donald Trump Wishing Harry Good Luck With Meghan Markle Says A Lot More Than You Thought

Donald Trump Wishing Harry Good Luck With Meghan Markle says a lot more that you thought

You most likely heard that US President Donald Trump wished Prince Harry good luck with Meghan Markle. The president added that Harry's going to need it.

We're not going to choose teams on this one for two simple reasons. One, Meghan's a Duchess, so she doesn't need our help. And two, it's pretty well known that Trump and Markle aren't playing for the same team.

Don't get me wrong: such remarks aren't okay since Meghan and Harry are married couples with a young child. And with the press' history of making the Duchess look like a Disney villain, the comment was anything but necessary.


Yet, it was more insulting to Harry, and bet you didn't even think about that part.

Prince Harry chose his wife

Lady Diana's and Prince Charles's younger son, Prince Harry, is not a toddler. He's a grown man in his 30s who waited for the right gal to tie the knot.

The US president doesn't have to like her, but insulting her is pretty much telling the world that Harry's incapable of taking care of himself.


And, of course, President Trump should know better since his wife has been a target of numerous vicious rumors. Again, you can dislike someone, but you don't have to air it in public unless it's for some greater good.

However, wishing Prince Harry good luck implies that the two are on friendly terms, which they aren't.

President Trump and Harry's Grandma

The whole thing was carefully worded so that the Queen, who's also Prince Harry's grandmother, doesn't get insulted.


You see, what Donald Trump said, if you read between the lines, is that Prince Harry's good and Meghan's bad. Do you think any president would benefit from Harry? Not really, but the Queen's approval means a lot.

The Prince isn't even a working royal anymore, so really, what would you get from him? An interview? Prince's Williams' phone number? Discount for your Las Vegas shenanigans?

Markle and Harry vs. the press

The press's relentless bullying was part of the reason why the couple stepped away from the royal duties. In a quest to have a somewhat normal life, they moved to the United States, and they are working on projects with Netflix and other major companies.


As you may recall, the press was never too keen on Kate Middleton before becoming the future Queen Consort. From intrusive paparazzi to digging into the family's history, we saw it all until Meghan Markle came to the scene.

Apart from the usual: she's fat, thin, too plastic, too plain, Meghan's biracial, so there was that. Harry has had enough, so the year 2020 is the year Prince went to Los Angeles for love.


In many ways, it's a fairytale, and the press is the wicked witch. Support and nasty comments from celebrities are just here to make things more interesting.

Still, it remains clear that the current POTUS wasn't wishing the couple happiness. Instead, he was trying to mess with their heads and to be closer to the Queen. Because he never said a bad word about Prince Harry, despite his past mistakes.