Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross Calls Brian Flores' Allegations "False, Malicious And Defamatory"

Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross Calls Brian Flores' Allegations 'false, Malicious And Defamatory'

Stephen Ross, Miami Dolphins owner, has viciously denied the allegations former head coach Brian Flores has made against him and his team. He has called the comments false, malicious, and defamatory.

Ross has described himself as a man of honor and integrity who would not allow the accusations to stand without a response. As far as he is concerned, "...the truth must be known."


The suit was filed by Flores, who accused the 81-year-old Ross of offering him $100,000 per loss over the 2019 NFL season. He was told to do this to enhance the team's position for the annual draft.

The coach also accused Ross of asking him to recruit a "prominent quarterback" in violation of league rules.

So far, Ross has confirmed that he and Dolphins will be cooperative if the NFL decides to investigate Flores' claims. He also said he was eager to defend himself and the values of his team against the disparaging claims.


Flores was brought on board back in 2019. The team had a winning record of 10-6 in 2020 and a record of 9-8 in 2021.

Flores was fired with two years remaining on his contract on January 10. Less than a month later, he filed a suit against several teams in the league and some of the most prominent personalities in the teams.

The New York Giants and Denver Broncos were also named in the filings made by Flores. The teams held "sham" interviews with him as a way to meet Rooney Rule guidelines.


Flores also spoke to the media about the conversation he had with Ross about throwing games during his first season with the Miami Dolphins.

Ross was encouraging him to do less for extra pay:

"Take a flight, go on vacation, I'll give you $100,000 per loss' – those were his exact words."

According to Flores, this was a form of disrespect for the game, and trust was destroyed after that. As far as he is concerned, this strained relationship eventually led to his dismissal from the team about a month ago.


Flores said that even though he has a special talent for coaching football teams, he feels that the need for change is much bigger than his ambitions. He also understands that he might be risking his coaching career, which he loves and has done a lot for him and his family.

Flores hopes that, by standing up against systemic racism in the NFL, he will inspire other people to join him and help bring about positive changes for the benefit of future generations.