Dolphin Succulents Will Be Your New Favorite Houseplant

If you're a plant lover, you've probably dreamed of growing your own plant inside your home. But every time you try having a plant, you can't keep it alive.

Perhaps it's because you've not tried these adorable succulents with leaves that look like tiny dolphins jumping in the air.

Succulents are capable of surviving with little water. They're some of the best plant options to keep in your homes because they can provide oxygen and pollinate by themselves.

When it comes to nurturing and maintaining a houseplant, succulents are among the best choices you can make.

Unlike other indoor plants that need a great deal of work and responsibilities, succulents come with much less maintenance. So, if you're someone like me who continually forgets watering my houseplants, this plant variety is absolutely godsent.

Not only are these plants low-maintenance, but they also come in all kinds of pretty shapes, colors, and textures. For these reasons, succulents have begun to become trendy.

After all, if you're a busy person, and don't have much time to take care of your indoor plants, why would you choose anything different?

Succulents come in varieties, but the dolphin succulent is perhaps the most stunning and cutest succulent of all.

Dolphin succulents, also known as dolphin necklace, are eye-catching and create a perfect vibe in every room, whether an office, living room, or hotel room.

The plants exist as a creative hybrid. They're a product of cross-pollination between String of Pearls Bunny Succulents and the hot dog cactus. When you look at their leaves, they appear like tiny dolphins jumping into the midair.

While it's unlikely to find succulents at your local nursery, ordering online is the best way to get them. For example, try Amazon.

Dolphin succulents don't need direct sunlight exposure to grow. You should also ensure you plant them in pots or containers with proper drainage as they can be damaged by excess moisture.

The plant can grow up to 15 cm in height, and some might even produce "small, starry pink flowers" over time.

During the cold seasons, these plants might go dormant with minimal growth rate and will require less watering throughout the entire period. For instance, you can water them once every month.

Since the dolphin succulents are hybrids, it may be hard to find a fully-grown plant. Check your local gardening stores for the seeds, or if you know someone with the plant, ask for a clipping to plant for your own.