Dogs Are Just The Best Friends Ever

Dogs Are Just The Best Friends Ever

Dogs are often called 'Man's Best Friend' and not without reason - pooch lovers know that a dog can improve your mood almost instantly. Just by petting a dog, a person can start to feel better.

Here are a few more reasons (as if you needed any more) why dogs are just the best friends ever and why you should cuddle with them more often:

It Leads To A Stronger Bond

When you cuddle with your furry friend, it not only creates a sense of companionship, it strengthens the bond between you. When you cuddle your dog, you create an environment of comfort. This also goes a long way to feeling better when something's bothering you.

If you want to ensure that you and your dog are truly the closest and best of friends, start cuddling away!

Creating a strong bond with your dog is healthy for both of you. And you could quite possibly both live longer when you have a better and more loving relationship.

It Helps Get Rid Of Stress

It has been found that when you cuddle, oxytocin is released and this counters the stress hormone cortisol. So, in plain English, cuddling will help to melt away all your stress, at least temporarily. You will feel a lot better after a good cuddle.

Dogs are often used in hospitals to cheer up patients and doctors wouldn't allow this if there wasn't real results.

Pain Relief

Many may think this is nonsense, but cuddling does actually help your pain feel less. Parents kiss and cuddle their injured children and it really helps them feel better. Once again, the hormone oxytocin is released, which is what makes you feel better.

Of course, we don't think you should skip prescribed pain medication when you cuddle with your dog. But using both will improve your day.

Sleep Improvement

Yet again, the hormone oxytocin plays a role here. It counters your stress and this helps your body to calm down. As a result, you can relax and drift off to sleep.

And who wouldn't want to have more sleep and more cuddles?

If you ever needed more reason to cuddle up with your dog, now you have them. Having your dog next to you (or in your lap) will make you feel great.