Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Wife Beth Chapman Has Died Aged 51

Beth Chapman, Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife, has died aged 51 at a hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii.

She died on Wednesday, 26 June, at around 5:30 am, and the news of her death was confirmed by Dog the Bounty Hunter through a Twitter post.

Dog the Bounty Hunter, also called Duane Chapman, wrote:

“It’s 5:32 in Hawaii. This is the time she would wake up to hike Koko Head mountain. Only today, she hiked the stairway to heaven.”

“We all love you, Beth. See you on the other side.”

Beth died just a few days after being hospitalized in a medically-induced coma to get the treatment she needed. She had been battling lung and throat cancer for almost two years.

The beloved reality TV personality was diagnosed with stage II throat cancer in September 2017. But after a few months, doctors considered her cancer-free.

Sadly, the illness returned in November 2018, and at this time, the disease had spread to her lungs.

Beth and her husband made a program, ‘Dog and Beth: Fight of Their Lives,’ which involved Beth undergoing a 13-hour surgery to remove the stage II tumor she had previously been diagnosed with.

But at the end of 2018, her illness was considered incurable. And in April 2018, her condition worsened, and she was taken to hospital with “serious breathing issues.”

The reality TV star was then placed in a medically induced coma on 23 June at the Queen’s Medical Centre in Honolulu. At this time, Duane called out to the fans, saying:

“Please say your prayers for Beth right now.”

He also added:

“Sincere thanks to everyone for their prayers throughout Beth’s battle with cancer.”

Beth and Duane got married on 20 May 2006 at a Hilton hotel in Waikoloa Village.

She used to work in a bail bonds office and partook in business together with her husband.

The couple rose to fame after starring in a self-titled TV show, ‘Dogs Most Wanted.’ The film featured the couple tracking down criminals with the help of their families.

Beth was born in Colorado as Alice Elizabeth. Duane is considered a successful bounty hunter throughout the world, and he has made over 10,000 captures in his 40-year career.

She is survived by her husband, Duane, and their children, Cecily Chapman, Bonnie Chapman, Garry Chapman, and Dominic Davis.

Daughter Bonnie, 20-year-old, led tributes with a series of posts on Twitter.

She wrote:

“I’ll never forget you, mama.”

“You were such a strong woman, and you taught me to always be strong.”

“You were strong for everyone, and you taught me it’s okay to let go.”