Dog Barks Loudly, Waking The Family Up And Saving The Life Of Their 2-month-old Baby

The Robinsons were getting ready to expand their small family by welcoming a second child. With their first child, Johnathan, being four years old already, they had made the decision to move to a new house. Their primary motive was to provide more room for their kids to play and roam around freely without interrupting their parents' work, as both Mr. and Mrs. Robinson worked from home.

In a serene suburb, the Robinsons discovered a spacious four-bedroom home, which suited their requirements perfectly. It boasted an office area and individual bedrooms for their children. Additionally, the property had a vast backyard that could accommodate a swimming pool and a playhouse for the kids. As Mrs. Robinson had already entered her nesting phase, she wasted no time in preparing the nursery.

A Third Addition

Just when the Robinsons thought their family was complete, Mrs. Robinson woke up one morning with an urge to share her dream. She described how their two children were playing in the backyard, a little older than their current ages, and laughing joyfully at a dog that she was certain belonged to them. This dream inspired her to adopt a furry companion. Mrs. Robinson believed that bringing a dog into their family would instill compassion in her children, making it her perfect solution. Mr. Robinson listened attentively to his wife's dream and agreed that it was a great idea.

Mr. Robinson inquired a few times to confirm if his wife was certain and even attempted to play the devil's advocate for a brief period. However, he soon realized that his wife's mind was made up, and he couldn't dissuade her. As a result, he suggested adopting a puppy from a rescue shelter, which would grow up with their kids and develop a unique bond with them. His wife readily agreed and insisted that they must visit the rescue shelter to see the puppies that day itself; it felt imperative to her.

She Couldn't Ignore Her Gut

Upon arriving at the shelter, located an hour away from their new home, the attendant escorted the Robinsons to the puppy pen. Mrs. Robinson was delighted to see the puppies running up to her and licking her face, making her burst into fits of laughter. However, she didn't feel entirely convinced about adopting any of them. The attendant suggested that they explore some older dogs that were child-friendly, and the Robinsons agreed to take a look. While they were looking at the older dogs, Mrs. Robinson couldn't help but notice a pitbull looking sad and hiding away in a corner.

Ignoring the attendant's warnings, Mrs. Robinson approached the pitbull. As the dog looked up at her with his sincere eyes, her heart melted instantly. The pitbull had undergone a difficult life, having been severely abused in his previous home. Mrs. Robinson was confident that he was the one; she had an instinctive feeling about him.

After two weeks, the inspectors visited their home to assess if it was suitable for keeping a powerful breed like the pitbull. The Robinsons were ready to welcome their new furry family member. However, it was a bit challenging to get the dog into the car. He whined, cried, and showed no interest in being on a leash, likely due to being tied up for extended periods in the past.

The New Baby Arrived

On the day they brought their new baby girl, Sarah, home, they cautiously introduced her to their new furry family member, Diva, whom they named due to his tendency to cry whenever they put his leash on for a walk. Diva was initially anxious as he had never been around such a tiny human before. However, Mrs. Robinson had no worries as she knelt down, allowing Diva to sniff Sarah. To their surprise, Diva began making a new noise that they had never heard before, a sort of motherly cooing sound that emanated from his chest. He gently licked Sarah's forehead, and both Mr. and Mrs. Robinson knew instantly that Sarah had found a protector in Diva.

Diva developed a strong bond with both little Sarah and their four-year-old son, David. David loved dressing Diva in funny hats and putting socks on his feet, and Diva enjoyed all the attention. Whenever strangers visited, Diva would stay close to Sarah and shower her with affectionate licks and cuddles. Remarkably, Diva never showed any signs of aggression towards Sarah or David, allowing Mr. and Mrs. Robinson to feel at ease. However, they were cautious not to leave their baby alone in a room with him, knowing that he was a rescue with a difficult past. They were still getting to know him, and anything could trigger him.

A Fearful Night

After completing their evening routine of bathing the children, feeding them, and tucking them into bed, the Robinsons settled in for their nightly rituals. Mr. Robinson would read David a book that he picked out carefully, while Mrs. Robinson would rock Sarah to sleep on their rocking chair. Sarah was an excellent sleeper and rarely woke up during the night. Therefore, when Mrs. Robinson placed Sarah in her crib and closed the door, she left it slightly ajar.

As they lay in bed reading their books that night, Mr. Robinson was already half-asleep, his snoring growing louder. Suddenly, Diva let out a loud bark from somewhere in the house, causing Mrs. Robinson's heart to sink. She didn't want Sarah to wake up as she was exhausted from a busy day. Diva barked twice more, louder than before, startling Mr. Robinson and causing him to sit up in bed. Mrs. Robinson listened attentively, attempting to hear if an intruder had entered their home. When Diva barked again, she realized that it was coming from Sarah's room.

In a sudden panic, Mrs. Robinson leaped out of bed, her heart racing. As she opened Sarah's door, she saw Diva gnawing at the crib's bars. Fearing that he was attempting to harm Sarah, she screamed, pushed Diva away, and scooped Sarah into her arms. Upon inspecting her daughter, Mrs. Robinson was horrified to discover that Sarah wasn't breathing!

A Near Tragedy

Mrs. Robinson was in a state of panic as Mr. Robinson hurriedly loaded them into the car. He had also gathered David from his bed, and they all rushed to the hospital. Fortunately, they arrived just in time for the doctor to revive Sarah, and she began breathing again. The medical team informed the Robinsons that Sarah had experienced cardiorespiratory arrest, a deadly phenomenon that often occurs in infants.

The doctor commended Mr. and Mrs. Robinson for finding their daughter in time, highlighting that many parents are often too late. Overcome with emotion, Mrs. Robinson suddenly burst into tears, realizing how special Diva truly was to their family. Had he not been there and pushed himself into Sarah's room, they might not have been able to bring their daughter home at all.

Upon returning home, they fed Diva a roast chicken, without any salt, of course, as a special treat. They were filled with eternal gratitude towards their fur baby, a hero who was unmatched by most humans.