Does Xfinity Come With TV Channels?


Even though we seem to be moving away from traditional TV channels to simply watching shorter media on our phones, TV is still more relevant than ever. With an average of 55% of Americans spending 1 to 4 hours every day watching TV, studies prove that it still remains a favorable pastime, in as recent as 2022. What has evolved, however, is the way we consume this content.

Rather than watching such channels on flat-screen TVs, people prefer to do so via their phones or laptops, because it's just more convenient. So, the question is whether Xfinity supports this transition with its various TV or internet plans.

The answer is, absolutely!

With Xfinity TV plans starting as low as $20 per month, subscribers are able to enjoy live TV with other streaming services, in just one place.

Xfinity TV Plans

Whether you're a casual viewer who finds a few channels more than enough, or whether you're someone who enjoys variety in visual media, Xfinity has plans specific to every customer's needs. For the basic viewer, Xfinity's 'Choice TV' plan would be a good fit as it comes with the mainstream 10+ channels, like ABC, FOX, and CBS. It comes at just $20 per month and you can explore more details here.

If 10 or so channels seem too little, Xfinity's 'Popular TV' plan is a favored choice of many. It comes with a whopping 125+ channels that include TLC, ESPN, Nickelodeon, TBS, and many more! This plan is ideal for the whole family as with so many channels, there's always something for someone to enjoy.

However, if this still doesn't seem like your forte, we recommend the 'Ultimate TV' plan at $80 per month. This is the best plan Xfinity offers for entertainment fans as it comes with 185+ channels and all this is without any requirement of a term contract. Of course, regional prices will differ, but the payment process is created for the ease of all customers as it's automatic.

Special Perks for New Customers

Xfinity has also launched a special package for new customers with unique promos. If you purchase a bundle plan of Xfinity TV and Internet, you are entitled to not just the Xfinity TV Channels but also, fast internet with a download speed of up to 200 Mbps – everything for just $35 per month.

Once again, the channels that will be available to you will depend upon your location, but all Xfinity TV lineups do include some consistent channels, like ABC, FOX, and NBC.

Free TV Options for All Xfinity Customers

Even if you choose not to select a TV plan, you will still be entitled to some free content and live channels, as an Xfinity customer. All you need to do to access these is to install the free Xfinity app on your device of choice or visit the Xfinity Stream portal here. From there on, you need to sign in using your Xfinity ID and password and you should be good to enjoy hours of free entertainment.

The Xfinity Stream app does have some specifications, though. For instance, if you're connected to your Xfinity Wi-Fi at home, you should be able to access the whole On Demand limitless library that is available to you. But if you're outside, you are limited to 250+ TV channels and various other On Demand choices, anywhere within the country.

To view the choices, simply filter for the 'Available out of Home' option to find what is and isn't available. You can also see what networks will be available to you on this provided list.

Xfinity X1 TV

You can now enjoy and binge-watch all your favorite shows and movies, without any pauses because Xfinity's internet is always reliable. Pairing that with Xfinity's X1 TV, the options are endless and browsing for shows has never been simpler!

Xfinity X1 TV combines all entertainment mediums, such as Sports, Live TV, Music, Streaming and so much more to present it all, on just a singular platform. With tons of innovative options, you can now restrict and lock content that is unsafe or harmful for younger kids, or even build up your library with scheduled show recordings to enjoy all the missed content at a later date.

Xfinity X1 TV gives you all the power to choose!


One of the best things when having an Xfinity subscription, is that you are able to include specific add-ons to your Xfinity Plan, should you choose to any time in the future, and with such customizations, you can turn any screen into a TV, from anywhere within the country!For more information or customizations, you can consult the Xfinity 24/7 helpline here or check out more details on Xfinity TV plans here.