Does My Crush Like Me? How To Tell Where They Stand


Almost everyone has experienced the common phenomenon of having a crush, regardless of their background or identity. In such a scenario, it is natural to feel a strong yearning for the person of interest to reciprocate those feelings. If you have received any indication that your crush may feel the same way, you may be contemplating making the first move. To help you gauge their interest, consider these signs that your crush may be crushing on you as well.

1. They start conversations with you

If your crush harbors feelings for you, they will likely look for any opportunity to engage with you. This might involve initiating conversation by texting you out of the blue or sending you amusing memes and social media content. Additionally, they may take the initiative to chat with you in person at social gatherings, rather than you always being the one to start the conversation. When someone genuinely likes you, they will make an effort to communicate with you.

2. They listen to you properly when you talk

If your crush has a liking for you, they will not only talk to you but also pay attention to what you have to say. You can tell they are actively listening because they will retain details you've shared and ask follow-up questions. This level of attentiveness is a result of their emotional investment in you. If they did not harbor any feelings towards you, they may not be as attentive when you speak.

3. They want to know more about you

When your crush develops an interest in you, it's normal for them to want to learn more about you. This can be achieved by asking numerous questions, either directly or indirectly by talking to others who know you. If your friends report that your crush has been inquiring about you, take note, as it is a promising sign.

4. They try to see you on your own

When you have feelings for someone, you naturally desire to spend one-on-one time with them. If you typically interact with your crush in a group setting, and they harbor feelings for you, they may attempt to arrange some alone time. They could suggest a meet-up for just the two of you or subtly follow you if you happen to move away from the group during your interactions.

5. They interact with you on social media

While social media does not always reflect reality, those who have an interest in you will usually engage with you on social media. They may like your posts, leave comments, or chat with you through direct messages. Even if they do not engage directly, their frequent checking of your stories and opening of your messages can suggest their enthusiasm towards you.

6. They respond to you quickly

Relationship experts at Elite Daily suggest that a quick response time is another sign that your crush likes you. When someone takes days to reply or doesn't respond at all, it is typically a negative sign. However, if your crush consistently responds to you promptly, it may indicate their interest in you.

7. Their body language shows that they like you

Body language can often reveal whether someone has feelings for you. If your crush harbors a liking for you, they may exhibit common body language cues such as blushing. They might also try to find reasons to touch you as we naturally seek physical closeness with those we have a fondness for.

8. Their friends pay attention to you

One can gain insight into a person by observing their friends. Typically, when someone has an interest in you, they may confide in their friends about their feelings. Therefore, their friends may stare at you or attempt to engage in conversation to assess your interest in your crush. Love Panky suggests that paying attention to their friends can be a useful clue. Observe if they behave differently when you're around.

9. They go to more effort when you're around

We often put in more effort around people we have a secret liking for. You might observe this in your crush's attire, their overall appearance, or even in the way they speak. Do they try to impress you by boasting about their accomplishments? If they seem to make an extra effort or talk themselves up around you, it could be an indication that they have feelings for you.

10. They can get embarrassed around you

As we tend to care about the opinion of those we like, it is common to feel embarrassed in their presence. If your crush appears flustered or easily embarrassed around you, it may indicate that they have developed feelings for you. Signs to watch out for include blushing, fidgeting, or covering their face.