Does My Crush Like Me? 20 Signs He/She Does

Does My Crush Like Me? 20 Signs He/she Does

We all want to be liked, especially by those we like. That is why each of us has asked ourselves at some point: does my crush like me? Today, I'll help you find the answers you need to this important question.

There is no simple answer to this puzzle, but finding out the truth is much easier than you might think.

By asking yourself a few important questions, you can finally arrive at the answer you need to the question: does my crush like me?

For instance, consider how long you have known your crush, how often you speak, how you came to know about them, your horoscope signs, how your crush behaves towards you, and how willing the person is to spend time with you.

Also worth considering is whether or not this person is currently in a relationship, how willing they are to let you know about their friends, or whether you have similar interests.

Knowing the answers to these important questions can help you discover the truth you have always wanted to know about your crush. From there, you can work on making your crush part of your life.

And, fortunately, that's easier than you think.

So, Does My Crush Like Me?

If you see the following signs, then yes, your crush likes you.

1. You Think They Like You

When someone likes you, you can sense it on some level even if you can't tell for sure why they might be into you.

That is why having a feeling that your crush likes you is one of the most powerful signs that they might be into you. Once you get this feeling, be on the lookout for additional signs that your crush is into you.

2. They Try To Make You Laugh Or Smile

Someone who likes you will want you to be happy with your life. If your crush is always doing funny stuff, then that might be one way you can tell if they like you or not.

But be careful and consider if they are funny with just you or with everyone else. If they are hilarious around everyone, then their making you laugh might have nothing to do with making you feel happy.

3. Does My Crush Like Me? If You Always Talk, Then It's Possible

When your crush likes you, they will always have a reason to keep talking to you. That is a sign that this person cannot get enough of you.

This sign is especially powerful when the person interacts with you at the expense of everyone else when you are in a group.

4. Your Crush Likes You If They Like Helping You

When your crush is into you, they will want to be of some benefit to you. If you realize that they are always the first to the rescue as soon as they know you need help, chances are that they like you.

5. They Act Differently Around You

When someone likes you, then your presence is bound to influence them. That's just the way it is.

So, just as you get nervous around your crush, if the feelings are mutual, then know that he/she has the same feelings towards you.

Therefore, be on the lookout for signs of nervousness or shyness.

6. When Your Crush Likes You, They Will Smile At You A Lot

If your presence makes your crush happy, then you have every reason to suspect that the feelings you have towards them are mutual.

The presence of someone you love makes you happy, and this will show in your smile. If you see your crush's face light up after seeing you, then the person might like you.

7. Does My Crush Like Me? If They Flirt, They Do

Flirting is among the most powerful and obvious signs that your crush likes you, not only as a friend but possibly for your potential as a lover.

The flirting might be a sign that you are now more than friends, and it's one of the indications that it might be time to express the emotions you feel towards them.

8. Does My Crush Like Me? If They Ask People About You, Then Yes

This is one of the most powerful signs that your crush likes you. If your crush starts a statement with "I heard that you areā€¦" and such things, then know that your crush has some level of interest in you.

Chances are that they were asking around about you. It could also mean that this person is so interested in you, which is why everything they learn about you intrigues them.

9. Your Crush Likes You When They Care About Their Appearance When Around You

When you are around someone you like, you will care about your looks. The same way you want to look your best around your crush, they will want to look their best around you if they like you.

If you discover that your crush tries to look better on the account of you appearing on the scene, then it might be the dead giveaway that they like you after all.

10. The Friends Act Weird When You're Together

When two people like each other, even those around them notice that and act differently. So, if your crush's friends know that your crush likes you, they will seem different around you.

They might tease the both of you, or try to give you clues that their friend likes you.

11. Does Your Crush Compliment You?

If yes, that's a very good sign they like you. But if you can't even remember if you have ever gotten a compliment from them, then that might be proof that they might not be into you as much as you had hoped.

12. They Want To Meet You

A person who likes you will always want to spend some time with you. So, if he/she is never too busy for you, then it's a sign that your crush likes you.

When this person is always suggesting ways you could have fun or spend time together, then believe that the person likes you.

13. They Can't Keep Their Eyes Off You

Eyes are the windows to the soul. That is why we look so keenly at people we like.

So, a crush who likes you will try to look into your eyes a lot.

14. Know That Your Crush Likes You When They Try To Touch You

Liking someone romantically makes you wonder what it's like touching them. That is why the way this person touches you can confirm whether they are into you.

If you notice that the person touches you lingeringly, then that would be clear proof they like you, and hopefully, as much as you like them.

15. Does My Crush Like Me? If They Laugh At Your Jokes, They Do

Laugh and giggling can all be strong signs that your crush likes you. This is a sign of appreciation and a way to make you feel good.

We are usually fond of people who make us feel better about ourselves. You can have some confidence that your crush likes you if you can tell that in their own small ways, they want to make you feel happy around them.

16. Your Crush Likes You If They Always Stay Close

If you notice that your crush is always close to you, then that should be a sign that this person likes you.

This person will usually sit next to you or sit in a position that faces you directly. On some level, that shows this person is really attracted to you, and it is done with the intention of encouraging more interaction and contact between you.

17. They Remember Minor Details About Your Life

When you are important to someone, small details about your life also matter to them. That is why a crush who can remember your birthdays, anniversaries, and other details about your life clearly likes you.

18. They Are Interested In Your Relationship Status

A person who likes you and is attracted to you romantically will be very curious to know your relationship status.

That is why this will be one of the first questions they will ask you. In fact, they might be visibly ecstatic when you tell them you are unattached.

More importantly, they ask about your relationship status to know if you might be available to them.

19. Your Crush Likes You If They Feel Jealous Of Those Interested In You

If your crush really likes you, they will not be amused by the romantic attention you give or receive from others. When you get checked out, this person will notice.

This possessiveness is clear proof that your crush likes you and might like it if things between you were a little more serious. At these moments, the person might even try to make it look like there is something going on between you through touching.

20. When Your Crush Likes You, They Ask Too Many Questions

Asking someone a lot of questions means wanting to know as much as possible about them. Similarly, when your crush likes you, they will want to know what is going on in your life and what your life has been like in the past.

That is why the person will ask many questions about you because they are genuinely interested in you. These questions give your crush a chance to understand you and build a greater connection between you.

Having a crush is a pretty normal thing, but having a crush who likes you back is many people's idea of heaven.

So, have you been asking yourself, "does my crush like me?" The above points might help you arrive at the right conclusion. But there are also ways you can make this special person like you more.