Does He Want To Date You Or Just Be Friends? How To Tell

Meeting someone new can be exciting, particularly if you have been single for a long time and are hoping to develop a relationship. However, it can be challenging to discern a man's intentions. Is he attempting to flirt, or does he merely want to catch up over coffee as friends? Here are some ways to determine if he is seeking a deeper connection.

1. He Makes A Point To Get Close

If a man appears to be invading your personal space, he is probably interested in asking you out. Consider this: have you recently cuddled up to a new person without any romantic attraction? He may also be attempting to gauge whether there is any mutual chemistry. If you are not at ease with his behavior and move away, he should understand that you are only interested in a platonic relationship.


2. He Never Talks About Girls

Based on appearances, this man appears to be available. He does not discuss other women or refer to having a girlfriend, and he has never worn a ring indicating that he is already in a committed relationship. If someone brings up an ex-partner in conversation, he plays it down a bit to avoid giving the impression that he is still emotionally attached to them. If he was only interested in being friends, discussing dating would not be off-limits.


3. He has asked you about your love life

He most likely did it playfully, shortly after the two of you met. This was his way of determining whether it was worthwhile to pursue a relationship with you. His prompt query indicated that he was initially drawn to you. If he inquires but then maintains a distance, he is simply inquisitive. However, if he inquires and then becomes closer to you, he is genuinely interested.


4. He's Always Curious About Your Weekend Plans

Typically, we ask our friends about their weekend plans as a polite conversation starter. However, if a particular guy repeatedly inquires about your weekend plans, he is likely hoping that you will be available for a date. If you are interested in him but feel that he is taking too long to make a move, take advantage of this opportunity and suggest visiting a local museum or attending a nearby concert together.


5. He Makes A Point To Compliment You

I'm not suggesting that men never compliment women they're not attracted to, but they typically don't go out of their way to do so. If a man compliments a woman's new hairstyle or expresses admiration for her shirt, particularly with a smile, it is a clear indication that he is attempting to flirt with her.

6. He Always Makes Eye Contact

Men can experience some nervousness, and if this particular man lacks confidence or experience with women, he may struggle to maintain eye contact. However, if he feels confident and comfortable, he will make a conscious effort to maintain eye contact with you. This gesture signifies his undivided attention and interest in the conversation between the two of you.


7. He Stands Up For You

Distinguishing between being viewed as "just one of the guys" and someone whom a guy may want to pursue romantically comes down to how far they are willing to go with their jokes. If a man believes that a joke or comment may be hurtful to you or others, he will attempt to correct the situation. When he consistently supports and defends you, it is a clear sign that he is interested in becoming your partner.


8. He Keeps Asking You Why You're Still Single

If a man tells you that you are the "whole package," it is a clear and strong indication that he is interested in you romantically. This is not a remark that one would make to just a friend, and it shows that he has strong feelings for you. If this is a person with whom you have had a solid friendship for a while, it can be challenging and intimidating to hear. He is not only testing the waters but also observing your reaction and hoping that you will take the initiative to progress your relationship from there.


9. He Always Answers Your Texts

When a man delays responding to your messages, but quickly apologizes for doing so, it is a strong indication that he is interested in you. He wants to ensure that you know he is available and eager to spend time with you. In general, if a man is not romantically interested in you, he will take longer to respond to your messages, even if you typically reply promptly.