Does He Really Like You Or Does He Say This BS To Everyone?

Discovering someone who appears to say all the right things can make you feel like you've hit the jackpot. Single life often presents the challenge of finding someone with whom you have genuine conversational chemistry – like discovering a rare unicorn or a bar without a handful of hipsters with beards. However, be cautious, as some charming men have mastered the art of telling you precisely what you want to hear. They may have a well-rehearsed act, and you might not be the only one falling for it. Here are a few signs that he's being insincere:

1. He's Too Agreeable

When you meet a man who seems captivated by everything you do, it can be flattering. But if he always agrees with your opinions and praises every thought you have, it might be a simple technique to win you over quickly. If he's only telling you what you want to hear, then he may not be genuinely listening.

2. He's Always Followed By A Flock

He's always surrounded by a group of girls that resemble a fan club rather than a group of friends. If he's challenging to pull away from his girl posse, chances are he's using the same lines on everyone. He may insist that they're only friends, but many of these girls are likely also wondering where they stand with this flirtatious guy.

3. He's Mimicking Your Tastes, Not Expressing His Own

You must be feeling lucky because you've met someone who shares your love for Adele, art house movies on weekends, and quality craft beer. Or maybe he's just copying your preferences to impress you. He may seem like your perfect match, but there's a chance he's telling another girl at the bar how much he adores punk music, hiking, kayaking on Saturday mornings, and sipping on strong whiskey.

4. He's Recycling And Repeating

At times, he retells the same humorous stories or anecdotes. To be fair, it's normal for people to repeat stories to some extent. However, if he's a player who uses the same material on several women, you'll likely catch him repeating himself frequently.

5. He's Had His Heart Broken Recently And He Loves To Talk About It

Regardless of whether he has truly experienced a relationship that ended poorly or he's inventing a story, a skilled manipulator knows how to use this apparently sincere approach to his advantage. By sharing his tale of recent heartbreak with you, he not only gains sympathy from you, but he'll also emphasize how different you are from his crazy ex. You'll be moved that he's comfortable being vulnerable around you and flattered that he sees you as girlfriend material — which is precisely what he wants.

6. He Asks Questions That Sound Thoughtful But Really Aren't

It's endearing that he's interested in knowing your middle name. However, it's wise to check if he has any ulterior motives, such as identity theft. While the question may seem thoughtful, it doesn't necessarily reveal more about your character. Don't be surprised if he asks another girl for her middle name soon.

7. All Of Your Friends Have A Crush On Him

He's not unattractive, but it's concerning that all your friends seem to like him too. You thought you had a special connection, but it appears he's a skilled operator who knows how to keep his options open while seeing multiple girls.

8. He Gives You A Funny Nickname

It can be a delightful feeling to have a nickname from a guy, as if you have an exclusive bond. However, it could also be a modernized version of the age-old tactic of calling girls by generic terms like "baby" or "honey" to avoid using their actual names. He might be using the nickname as a way to remember details about you, such as where he met you or how to differentiate you from his other contacts with similar names. For instance, which Jennifer is he talking to?

9. No One Seems To Know If He's Available

You may be smitten by this charming guy and eager to know if he's single, but the answer is elusive. It's possible that he's juggling so many women at once that no one can confirm if he's committed to any of them. Unfortunately, this could indicate that he's not interested in anything serious, so proceed with caution if you're looking for a long-term relationship.

10. He's A Bartender

If the person you're interested in is a bartender, keep in mind that his job involves charming all his customers. So, don't take it personally if he's not interested in a serious commitment. Instead, appreciate the playful banter without any strings attached, knowing that he probably uses the same flattery on everyone who comes in.