Does Giving A Guy The Silent Treatment Make Him Miss You?

Using the silent treatment before and after a breakup can be a useful tool for detoxing from the fighting and potentially getting your ex to miss you and want you back. A no-contact rule is often recommended for moving on from a relationship. This timeline outlines what to expect when using the silent treatment on a guy.

1. He may not notice at first

When using the silent treatment, it's important to remember that your ex may not be aware of your intentions. Your silence may go unnoticed, especially if the relationship was one-sided. If your ex wasn't thinking about the relationship much before, he may not notice your absence. It's important to stick to your decision of no contact to give the best chance for your ex to miss you.

2. But if you were clingy, he may notice right away

On the other hand, your ex may immediately realize that something has changed in your behavior. If you were highly invested in the relationship and put a lot of effort into messaging, setting up dates, and offering help, your ex may notice your sudden silence. This may be especially true if you had come across as clingy in the relationship. Your ex may quickly realize that you are no longer available to him in the same way as before.

3. He may assume you're angry

When a man realizes that you are giving him the silent treatment, he may assume that you are angry. Though he may have an idea of what's going on, don't expect him to immediately reach out to you. He may be hesitant to approach you, as he perceives you as a formidable force.

4. Time alone may help him reflect

Previously, you were always available for him but now you've become distant. The late-night phone calls and weekends spent together are now spent alone. This time apart may give him an opportunity to reflect and realize that he may have taken you for granted. Now, he may be worried about losing you.

5. Eventually, he'll likely reach out

In many situations, a man will reach out to you again after you have given him the silent treatment. He may be driven by fear, curiosity, or a bruised ego. Even if he has noticed your change in behavior, he may not directly address it in his messages or calls. He may act casual, but deep down, he is hoping to ensure that he still has a chance with you.

6. Other guys will only reciprocate the silent treatment

Depending on the nature of your relationship and the circumstances surrounding the breakup, some men may choose not to contact you. They may be aware of your silence and may even miss you, but choose to not reach out. This could be due to pride or an attempt to move on. In such cases, it is not necessary to try harder or use different strategies to win him back. Instead, take his lack of contact as a sign that he is okay without you, and you will be okay without him too.

7. Sometimes, the silent treatment should last indefinitely

Using the silent treatment may make your ex miss you, leading to them reaching out to you. However, it does not always mean that you should take them back. Sometimes, the silent treatment should be permanent. Keep in mind that missing you does not always mean valuing you. Some men want what they can't have and may fall back into old habits once they have what they want. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide whether or not to accept them back, but remember that a healthy relationship requires more than just missing each other. The guy should be willing to put in effort even after the silent treatment is over.

8. Try an alternative to the silent treatment

In summary, the silent treatment can make a man miss you, but it is not always enough for a successful reconciliation. Additionally, the satisfaction of having your ex respond to your silent treatment is likely temporary. While it may not be suitable for all breakups, there is an alternative to using silence: clear communication. Instead of using silence, take some time to understand what went wrong and what you truly need in the relationship. If you believe there is a chance to fix the breakup, talk to your ex about your feelings and see if they are open to discussing it. Make sure you both are ready to start over and if you do, it will be based on honesty and purpose, not just because he missed you.