Does A Guy Like You Or Not? Use These Easy Tells

What Are The Signs You Are With A Good Woman?

Does a guy like you or not? If this has been a concern for you, then know that many girls find guys a little hard to read. And don't worry, it's nothing to be embarrassed about: the way a girl likes is very different from the way a guy likes.

You can't be so sure that the butterflies you feel in your stomach when he looks at you are a sign that he really likes you.


Like girls, guys also send signals when they are into you, and we'll look into that today. When someone likes you, they will show it to you, either consciously or unconsciously.

Here's how guys like girls and these tips might help you understand if that guy is into you or not.

How Does A Guy Like You?

1. By Acting Weird

He doesn't do this on purpose. When a guy is somewhat into you, he will not know how to act around you, at least at first.


This can make him seem a little weird because he is trying to make a good impression on you. But don't point it out.

Wait until he gets a little more comfortable around you. When the time is right, he will tell you how he truly feels about you.

2. By Chatting To You On Social Media

Even though we have grown so fond of spending our time on our phones chatting, we ultimately spend that time on those we like.


If a guy spends several minutes chatting with you on social media, then he must like you.

That said, be on the lookout for one-word responses, which might be a sign that the guy is not interested, but in a polite kind of way.

3. He Wants To Know If You Have A Boyfriend

He may come right out and ask, "do you have a boyfriend?" Also, he could ask indirectly, like when you tell him you went out, he might ask if you went alone hoping you will tell him yes.


4. Does A Guy Like You? If He Is Always Helping You Out, Yes

To the women they love, men are problem solvers. That's just their nature.

When a guy likes you, whether or not he likes it, he will feel the urge to help you out. Not only that, but he will also be thrilled to do it.

And if he sees that you appreciate his help, he will try even harder to help you out.


5. "Does A Guy Like You?" If He Compliments You, Then Yes

A guy who hardly likes you will hardly bother complimenting you. On the other hand, a guy who likes you will often have something positive to say about you.

Sure, a few of them are doing it to get it on with you, which is why you should consider other signs that the guy likes you.


But otherwise, if he is always telling you something nice about yourself, then that's a sign he is into you.

6. Does A Guy Like You And Your Jokes? Then He Probably Likes You Too

If he laughs at practically everything you say, then that's a pretty good sign that guy likes you.


A man who likes you will find a lot of things about you to be humorous in countless ways. Even your quirks will seem hilarious to him.

So, if you see him laughing even at things others find annoying, then chances are that he really likes you.

7. By Trying To Keep The Conversation Going

There is a difference between a guy responding to you and having an interest in keeping your conversation alive.


If you are always starting the chats, then that can't be taken to mean he likes you.

However, if he is always finding an excuse to keep talking to you, then you should know the guy likes you.

8. Does A Guy Like You? Check His Body Language

A guy can tell you how much he is into you through his behavior. For instance, does he look at you a lot?


Does he smile at you easily or practically all the time?

Also, does he lean in when you are talking?

If you said yes to all these questions, then the answer to the question of whether a guy likes you or not is also yes.

9. By Asking Endless Questions

If you are wondering why he asks you so many questions, then one possible answer is that he likes you and wants to know as much about you as possible.


He might be particularly interested in what is going on in your life at the moment.

10. By Showing Jealousy When You Talk To Other Guys

One of the feelings people can't hide is jealousy. And we have it when we feel that something we care about and consider personal is about to slip through our hands.


So, when he sees you laugh with another guy, or give the attention you give him to another man, he might seem a little jealous.

Even if he has not said anything about the kind of relationship you have, that is a pretty good sign he likes you.

11. He Ignores You

This is one of the reasons you might not be sure if he likes you or not. But the truth is that lots of guys ignore girls they like.


They do this to test if you are as interested in them as they are in you. By ignoring you and letting you show interest in them, they can be a little more certain their feelings are not misplaced.

12. Does A Guy Like You? Does He Tease You? Then Yes

Unless you have known each other for ages and are good friends, there are very few chances that a guy will so readily tease you.


A guy will tease you when he is trying to get your attention. That is why you often hear that boys who were messing with your hair when you were younger were trying to show you they liked you.

13. By Finding Excuses To Touch You

One thing guys love most is touching the girls they like. But be careful about guys who find an excuse to touch any woman who crosses their path.


However, if you see that the guy only touches you and seems to enjoy it, then you shouldn't have to wonder if the guy likes you. He most likely does.

And he doesn't just touch you sexually. He also loves touching and stroking your hair.

14. You Are The Only Girl He Focuses On

A guy who doesn't like any girl, in particular, will check out many girls. But if you notice that he does not seem interested in other girls when you are around, then he likes you.


You might also notice that he avoids mentioning other girls around you. And even when you suggest that he has an interest in some other girl, he will let you know that nothing of the sort is going on.

15. By Talking About His Future

A guy who is into you will start thinking about whether you might have a future together. So, without even meaning to, he will talk about his future with you.


16. He Looks At Your Face And Not Your Chest Or Butt

A guy who is lusting after you will steal glances at your breasts and butt because the attraction is purely physical. A guy who likes you, however, will try to lock eyes with you or look at your face.

If sex was all he cared about, then he would not only care about your sexual attraction.


17. He Lets You Have Your Way

Guys are usually very honest about what they love or hate. So, if you see a guy tolerate watching a chick flick with you despite admitting that he doesn't like such films, odds are that he really likes you.

18. By Remembering Everything You Tell Him

To be honest, guys are not really good at remembering important dates. So, if he seems to remember every word you tell him, then know that he really likes you.


Usually, only people very close to you will remember a lot of things about you. But a guy who easily recalls your favorite food, color, and other things about you clearly likes you.

19. Changing His Voice Proves He Likes You

If you pay close attention, you will realize that a guy who likes you will use a very different tone with you.


His voice will be more gentle, because he has feelings for you.

It's like his words are measured because he does not want to offend you with what he says.

20. He Asks For Your Number

Clearly, lots of guys will ask for your number these days, and it's hard to know which guys like you and which guys are trying to take advantage of you.


So, if the guy boldly asks for your number, then he must really like you. That's why he wants to stay in touch with you.

So, does a guy like you, or is he just being nice? If this has been bugging you, then hopefully, the above tips might help. And if you feel he needs a little nudge, then there are ways to make him like you more and express his feelings.