Do You Have A Narcissist For A Partner? 5 Ways To Tell

Do You Have A Narcissist For A Partner? 5 Ways To Tell

There are no two ways about it: narcissists are to be avoided. In reality, that is mostly wishful thinking.

Staying away from a narcissist is easier said than done when you saw them with the eyes of love and fell head over heels with their bold mesmerizing charm.

Before you could start wondering whether or not they are a narcissist, you were already living under the same roof and dreaming of a life together forever.

Once the honeymoon phase was over and you got to see the real person, you probably noticed the following things about them.

1. They Love Themselves Too Much

We won't deny it, you need to love yourself. Why shouldn't you appreciate yourself? However, narcissists take things a little too far and will go on and on about themselves and will only listen when you are talking about them.

2. It's All About Them, All The Time

Whenever you don't agree, this person blames you. It does not matter if they made the mistake and you called them out on it. It is never about them making the mistake, but about how you need to be attentive to their needs.

3. Manipulative Tendencies

Narcissists have mastered the art of making others feel bad so they can do things for them. If they want something from you, they will manipulate you until they get it. This is their true nature, and they cannot stand not getting their way like normal people.

4. Full Of Drama

Narcissists and drama go hand in hand. They will blow everything out of proportion and throw themselves a pity party over small things. They can put themselves down so you have the uphill task of bringing them up.

5. Hellish, But Still Charming

Narcissists are always full of charm. On some level, you mean something to them, and they will have their little endearing ways of proving it. With you, they acquired a precious trophy they truly cherish.

They will still abuse, manipulate, lie, and throw tantrums, but will easily turn on the charm when the occasion calls for it. This keeps many people stuck in narcissistic relationships. They love you, but only because you can feed their fat egos and fall for their selfish games.

A narcissist can't offer or even begin to understand true unconditional love.

So, if you see any or a couple of these signs in your partner, get out of the relationship when you get the chance. It'll never end well, no matter how much you try. Narcissists can never give you a happy ending. Ever.