Do You Act Like A Hot Girl Or An Ugly Girl? Here Are 20 Differences

Did you know that being a hot girl is not all about looks? People can call you hot or “not” based on how you act, regardless of what you think of your appearance.

Many girls might not be considered very beautiful by modern standards and yet get all the guys’ attention because they are so hot, and it’s all because of the way she carries herself and sees things.

Then there are girls with perfect looks who will not get second looks because they act ugly. So, how do these differences come about? Let’s have a look at some major differences between hot girls and “not” girls.

1. A hot girl values respect, but a “not” girl loves attention.

2. A hot girl will have better things to do, while a “not” girl will waste time figuring out a guy’s confusing behavior.

3. A hot girl knows that intelligence, independence, and being interesting is what matters, while a “not” girl thinks it’s all about looks.

4. A hot girl sees the red flags and runs, but a “not” girl ignores them completely and stays.

5. A hot girl chooses to be with a man, while a “not” girl needs a man in her life.

6. A hot girl sees herself through her own eyes, but a “not” girl will see herself as her man sees her.

7. A hot girl knows that it does not take a lot of effort to keep the right guy interested, but a “not” girl works hard to keep a guy interested.

8. A hot girl expects a lot, and she gets it, but a “not” girl expects little, and that is what she gets.

9. A hot girl trusts her instincts, while a “not’ girl denies everything.

10. A hot girl knows a worth and spends time with those who see it, but a “not” girl tries to prove her worth to a man.

11. A hot girl wonders whether she is into the guy, while a “not” girl wonders whether the guy is into her.

12. A hot girl expects to be a priority and will leave when she is not, while a “hot” girl will take being an afterthought.

13. A hot girl would rather remain single than settle, while a “not” girl is scared of being alone and will easily settle.

14. A hot girl cares about the image she portrays, while a “not” girl cares about her looks.

15. A hot girl is complete on her own, but a “not’ girl needs a man to be complete.

16. A hot girl cares about how a guy behaves, while a “not” girl cares about what he says.

17. A hot girl focuses on her strength while a “not” girl is obsessed with her weaknesses.

18. A hot girl doubts the attractiveness of a guy who treats her badly, while a “not” girl doubts her own when mistreated.

19. A hot girl retains her independence, but a “not” girl has her life revolving around a guy.

20. A hot girl has a life, but a “not” girl makes her man the center of her universe.