Do Not Lose Your Senses While Waiting For A Guy To Come To His

It's hard to say what's worse: a guy who can't make up his mind about you, or a jar of expired mayonnaise. Either way, dealing with someone who one day wants a forever with you and the next just wants to be friends can be really confusing. If your guy says he needs time to figure out what he wants, don't drive yourself crazy waiting for him to come to a decision. Here's why:

1. You Have Stuff To Do

You have a life to live, people to see, and places to go. I know it's tempting to obsess over that little green dot next to his name on Facebook and wait for him to declare his undying love for you, but don't. You'll feel better if you go about your day as usual and try to push him to the back of your mind.


2. Even If He's The Right Guy, This Might Just Not Be The Right Time

It's possible that it will take him some time to realize that you're the one he wants, whether that takes a few weeks or a few years. If you're still available and interested when he comes around, that's great. However, don't put your life on hold for him. Continue to develop yourself, and if you develop feelings for someone else, pursue it. If it's meant to be with Sir Waitsalot, it will happen eventually.


3. Pining Over Him Isn't Going To Wake Him Up Any Faster

He is unaware that you're agonizing over your situation, and even if he knew, it's unlikely he would care. Bombarding him with texts or trying to convince him to spend time with you won't change his mind. Instead, focus on yourself. When he eventually realizes what he's lost, you'll have already moved on and become an even more successful, confident person.


4. You Have So Much More Going For You

He may seem like Prince Charming, but you are Mulan. While having him in your life is nice, he's just a small addition to your already amazing life. Neglecting your work and social life because of him is unfair to yourself. He's not sacrificing his own happiness for you, so don't do it for him. Keep being the strong, independent person you are.


5. If He Can't Figure Out What A Catch You Are, That's His Loss

If this guy can't make up his mind, why are you the one feeling upset over him? The situation should be the opposite. You know your worth, so don't let this guy's indecisiveness make you believe that you deserve less than what you're worth.

6. You Can Find Someone Who Won't Drag His Feet

It may seem challenging to find, but believe me, there are men out there who are not afraid of commitment. If you can move past your feelings for this person, you'll have the opportunity to open your life to someone who values you and makes you a priority instead of an option.


7. You Don't Need That Drama In Your Life

You already have a lot on your plate, and it's not worth your time and energy to wait for this guy to acknowledge your worth. Age is not a factor here; you're too mature to deal with this kind of behavior. If he continues to be inconsistent in his feelings towards you, it's better to let him go and find someone else who can handle his mixed signals. Remember that you deserve someone who recognizes and appreciates the wonderful person you are.


8. You Owe It To Yourself To Get On With Your Life

It is time to reclaim your time, energy, and sanity from this person who has consumed so much of it. Your attachment to him may stem from your loving and kind nature, but now it is essential to extend that same love and care to yourself. It is not wrong to move on from someone who cannot determine their feelings for you.


9. He's Not Worth It

Although you might think he is the one, taking a step back and analyzing the situation objectively will reveal that this man is not worth the time and effort you are investing in him. His inability to make up his mind about you is evidence of this. A man who is truly deserving of your patience will not test it like he is.

10. You'll Look Back And Wonder How This Guy Had You So Messed Up

Have you ever looked back on your past relationships and wondered why you spent so much time and energy on someone who was not worth it? In a few months, you will likely look back on this experience in the same way. While he may seem amazing right now, as you get older and wiser, you will regret allowing this guy to cause so much confusion and turmoil in your heart and mind.