Do Not Be Disappointed We Did Not Work Out When You Did Not Even Try

For a relationship to thrive, it requires effort and commitment from both parties involved. However, in our relationship, I was the sole contributor, constantly exerting myself to make it work. Now that I've had enough of your inactivity and decided to leave, you seem downhearted. Nonetheless, I cannot bring myself to sympathize with your emotional distress due to the way you've treated our relationship.

1. I made all the moves

Our history together solely relied on my initiative. From asking you out to initiating conversations and hangouts, I was the driving force. It appeared as though you weren't equally invested in the relationship, making me feel like I was the only one trying. Consequently, you made me appear overeager and eventually pushed me to give up.

2. I was never sure what you wanted

You seemed to send mixed signals - one moment calling me "wife material," and the next ending our conversations with "lol" instead of engaging responses. It was perplexing to decipher whether you genuinely wanted to be with me or were just trying to let me go. After our break-up, you suddenly acted like I was the one who got away, but during our time together, you acted nonchalant about whether I stayed or left.

3. I'd rather have nothing if you won't give your all

I have a wholehearted approach to everything I do, and I expect the same level of dedication from those around me. In my relationships, I invest my all, and when it became apparent that you weren't willing to reciprocate, I had to move on and make room for someone who genuinely cared for me. I can't settle for minimal effort, and I regret that it took this situation for you to realize that.

4. You didn't communicate

Communication is key, and it would have been helpful if you had expressed your intentions clearly instead of stringing me along and leaving me uncertain about where we stood. If you had told me that you weren't ready for a relationship or wanted to take things slowly, I would have respected your wishes. However, it seems that communicating with me required too much effort on your part, which was disappointing.

5. I had to stick up for myself

I am willing to invest significant effort in a relationship, but there is a limit. At a certain point, I realized that you weren't going to make an effort to make me happy, so I had to take that responsibility on myself. I was the one carrying the burden, so letting you go was tough, but necessary. If you had not made me feel so isolated from the beginning, things may have been different.

6. You dragged your feet

I don't anticipate immediate commitment from any man, but you appeared particularly hesitant to establish a serious relationship with me. I realize that preparing oneself mentally and emotionally for a committed relationship requires serious effort, but that's what it takes when you truly care for someone. You weren't prepared to invest that effort, and the remorse you feel now is your own responsibility, not mine.

7. You gave up too easily

Whenever we had a disagreement, it was effortless for you to give up and walk away instead of attempting to work things out in a mature way. I should have ended things then, but I'm not one to abandon someone just because things aren't ideal. Perhaps if you had cooperated with me to repair our relationship, you wouldn't be yearning for me now.

8. I couldn't let you set such a horrible standard for a relationship

I realized that if things were that terrible in the beginning, they were unlikely to improve. We were still in the supposed "honeymoon" stage of our relationship, where everything is expected to be perfect. However, if you had already stopped attempting to win me over at such an early point, I knew that the effort from your end would only decline. It saddens me that it required me leaving to teach you the necessary lesson, but I had no other option.

9. I refuse to go back and forth

I'm not into the push and pull of a partner who only puts in effort when they're on the verge of losing me. I'm not some fishing bait that you can cast and reel in at your leisure. Consistency is important to me, and you weren't providing it. Making an effort only when you realize that I'm about to leave is lazy. Relationships are marathons, not sprints, and you rested for far too long before you decided to start running.

10. I'd rather be with someone who knows what he has while he has it

You may have realized your mistakes when I was already done with your nonsense, but that wasn't the right time to start begging for me to come back. I made an effort to make things work from the start because I thought you were worth it, and you should've done the same if you really cared about me. I know my value, and if you only understood it after I left, it's not my concern.