Do Guys Like Good Morning Texts? (Fully Explained)

Despite their macho demeanor, guys can be quite soft-hearted. Wonder whether they like receiving good morning texts? Read on to find out!


Yes, guys do love receiving good morning texts. For a man, waking up to a message from the person they like, be it a girlfriend, wife, or crush, is the perfect start to the day. A simple reminder that they are special to someone can give a man the motivation he needs to face the day ahead.

When texting a guy good morning, it is important to personalize the message and make it about him. Adding an affectionate nickname, like "Mister," "Sexy," "Love," or "Handsome," can make the message even more special.

An added benefit of sending your guy good morning texts is that he is likely to reciprocate with his own texts soon after. If your messages were playful, don't be surprised if he sends you a morning "wood" picture in response.


What Are The Best Morning Texts To Send Guys?

Some great examples of good morning texts for guys include: "Hey Mister, you were the first thing on my mind when I woke up," "Good morning, Sexy Beast!," and "Did you have sweet dreams last night, Love?" The key is to make the message comforting, arousing, or ego-boosting.

Is It Weird To Text A Guy Good Morning?

No, not at all. In fact, texting a guy good morning is completely normal. The only time it may be considered weird is if you text the same message at the exact same time every day. Otherwise, sending him a good morning text every now and then is perfectly acceptable.

What Are Some Flirty Ways To Text A Guy Good Morning?

There are many ways to add a flirtatious tone to your good morning texts. Some great one-liners include: "Morning, Sexy!", "I want to cuddle," "You were in my dreams last night," and "Good morning, gorgeous!"