Do Guys Like Being Called Handsome? (Fully Explained)

When it comes to pet names for guys, "Handsome" may elicit a different reaction than terms like "Cute", "Sugar", or "Sexy". Read on to find out if guys actually enjoy being referred to as handsome.


Generally speaking, guys are quite fond of being referred to as handsome. Hearing this label from a female friend, co-worker, or especially a romantic partner can bring joy, enhance confidence, and drive motivation.


There is no one specific reason why guys appreciate being called handsome as it varies from person to person.

However, there are a few common reasons why many guys enjoy being referred to as handsome:

1. It Boosts Their Mood

To begin with, complimenting a guy on his handsomeness is one of the simplest and most effective ways to elevate his mood instantly, no matter where he is or what he's doing. This reaction is no different than how women feel when they receive compliments on their appearance. When someone compliments our appearance, it can have a powerful impact on our mood, which is why no guy has ever gotten mad or upset when called handsome.

2. It Gives Them Confidence

Complimenting a guy by calling him handsome can instantly uplift his mood and increase his confidence. Regardless of his level of humility or the size of his ego, giving him a boost of confidence is a key advantage of using this compliment. Imagine how much better a date could go or how much more intense the intimacy could be simply because of a simple compliment.

3. It Gets Them Motivated

When his mood is lifted and confidence levels are high, most guys become highly motivated to make things happen after being referred to as handsome a couple of times. Want to try something new in the bedroom or go to a different date spot? Drop a few compliments and watch as your partner eagerly follows your lead, ready to do as you request.

4. It Makes Them Feel Sexy

Guys often view being called handsome as equivalent to being labeled as sexy or good-looking. So, when you call them handsome, they perceive it as flirting or an advance. If he has a high level of self-confidence, he may interpret it as a signal for attention or interest. Don't be shocked if he contacts you soon after, acting bold.


How Do You Tell A Guy That He's Handsome?

The best way to tell a guy that he's handsome is to make eye contact and simply say it. You can also use texting to do so. In addition to straightforwardly expressing that you find him attractive, handsome, hot, or gorgeous, other words you can use include good-looking, fine, and gorgeous.

What Are The Best Ways To Compliment A Guy?

The most effective way to compliment a guy, in general, is to focus on his appearance or attire. Avoid generic compliments and instead, explain what specifically makes him attractive (such as his eyes, hairstyle, or demeanor), or how you admire the way his clothes fit him.