Do Guys Actually Care About Weight? The Truth (And Why You Shouldn't Care)

Women face immense societal pressure to conform to a very limited and specific standard of beauty. This ideal requires us to maintain a slim figure while still possessing curves, but not too many curves, or else we are considered overweight. Furthermore, small breasts or buttocks are deemed unappealing. Additionally, we must have flawless skin and perfectly styled hair, and yet not appear too overdone, as this could be perceived as conceited, high-maintenance, or promiscuous. This standard is impossible to achieve, and in the dating world, it appears that being overweight is the most egregious violation a woman can make. But is this truly the case? Are men truly preoccupied with a woman's weight?

Things Your Weight Has Nothing To Do With

It's crucial to recognize that the size of your jeans or the number on the scale holds little importance. In reality, they have no bearing on the following:

1. How good of a girlfriend you'll be

Men who are fixated on weight fail to recognize that it has no correlation with one's ability to be a good partner. One would assume that a caring, devoted, and faithful girlfriend would be of greater importance to them. After all, how does your size factor into that equation?

2. What you're like in bed

There exist thin women who are passive in bed, while there are larger women who are sexually adventurous, passionate, and enjoy exploring new things. One's ability to perform well in bed is not linked to the size of clothing they wear, whether it's a size zero or plus-size attire from H&M.

3. How smart, funny, or kind you are

Undoubtedly, one's physical appearance has no connection to their personality and character. Some stunning individuals may come across as unpleasant and self-centered, while others who do not conform to societal beauty norms may be kind and endearing. It's impossible to discern someone's true nature merely by their appearance.

4. How beautiful you are

Here's a newsflash: You don't have to fit into a size 2 to be stunning. Some men fail to comprehend that weight does not determine one's attractiveness. Your curves, stretch marks, and cellulite are all unique parts of your personal journey. In fact, they may even accentuate your natural beauty.


1. How healthy you are

Being thin does not necessarily equate to being healthy. Some skinny individuals smoke a pack of cigarettes a day and excessively consume alcohol on weekends. Conversely, some overweight people exercise regularly and have excellent health records. You can maintain a healthy lifestyle at any size. Those who assume that carrying a few or many extra pounds makes you unhealthy need to broaden their knowledge.

2. How well you take care of yourself

Why wouldn't bigger individuals take pride in their appearance? Even if they are plus-sized, they still groom themselves by showering, doing their hair and makeup (if applicable), and selecting clothes that boost their confidence.

3. Your goals and ambitions

Why wouldn't you strive to achieve your goals in life, no matter what obstacles come your way? Your weight doesn't hinder you in any way, and honestly, it shouldn't even be a consideration. You're determined to make things happen, regardless of any challenges.

Do Guys Actually Care About Weight?

Unfortunately, some guys prioritize appearance over everything else and place undue emphasis on weight, believing it to be crucial in relationships when it is not. These men seek a status symbol to flaunt as a hot girlfriend, wanting to impress others with their trophy partner. Superficial in nature, they are not interested in developing meaningful emotional bonds and prefer being part of a visually appealing couple, even if the relationship lacks substance.

Fortunately, not all men share this perspective, and many are not fixated on appearances. Some men are even more attracted to women who have some curves, while others simply don't consider weight a significant factor. These men possess emotional intelligence and maturity, recognizing that physical beauty is transient, and it's the inner qualities that hold greater value. You're amazing, and any guy would be fortunate to have you.

What To Say If A Guy Calls You Fat Or Criticizes Your Weight

1. "I don't remember asking you"

What's the point of making unsolicited comments about someone else's body? Nobody asked for their opinion, so why bother?

2. "I'm sorry I'm not as perfect as you"

The irony here is that he probably has his own imperfections to worry about, so why is he fixating on yours and making unnecessary comments?

3. "What gives you the right to comment on my body?"

Men who prioritize weight may frequently express their opinions openly. Why do they do this? It's important to confront their assumptions and let them know how unacceptable their behavior is.

4. "I can lose weight — you can't get a new personality"

That's correct! There are various reasons why someone may choose to lose weight, if it aligns with their goals and preferences. Weight is typically something that can be altered if desired. Regrettably, it appears that his character is immovable, which is a pity.

5. "I thought elementary school was over decades ago"

Men who mock a woman's weight are displaying immaturity and should focus on other aspects of their lives. It's important to recognize that this behavior is unacceptable beyond childhood, and he should have learned that by now.

6. "Wow, your mom must be proud"

It's unlikely that his mother taught him to treat women disrespectfully and cruelly. If she were to hear his behavior, she would likely disapprove. He ought to feel ashamed of himself.

7. "Grow up"

The solution is clear and uncomplicated. He should cease behaving like a prepubescent child.

8. "Is that supposed to upset me?"

You possess strength, confidence, and a clear sense of your self-worth. Therefore, why would you allow the comments of a stranger to affect you? If he anticipated eliciting a response from you, he was gravely mistaken.

9. "You must be a really sad person"

He truly is. It's a sad state of affairs when someone feels compelled to belittle another person's appearance. Such behavior is likely indicative of significant insecurity on his part.

10. Nothing at all

There's no need to prolong the conversation. If a man is verbally abusing you, the most effective course of action is to immediately end the interaction. He's not worth any more of your time or attention.

Final Thoughts

Although some men may obsess over a woman's weight and appearance, it's not a concern you should dwell on. What truly matters is building a strong sense of self-love and self-worth that nobody can undermine. If you feel confident in your own skin, that's what truly counts.