DJ Accidentally Shoots Herself In The Face With Confetti Cannon

A DJ sustained injuries requiring hospital treatment after unintentionally shooting herself in the face with a confetti cannon during a performance.

During a weekend performance in Santa Catarina, Brazil, DJ Flavinha (also known as Flavia Ribeiro) experienced an accident. The incident can be viewed in the linked video.

In the video, DJ Flavinha (Ribeiro) is seen standing in front of an excited audience while holding the confetti cannon, unaware that it is facing the wrong direction.

After activating the cannon, DJ Flavinha (Ribeiro) is hit with a stream of rapidly-moving confetti, and quickly exits the stage.

Despite being in pain, DJ Flavinha (Ribeiro) returned to the stage to complete her performance. However, she later sought medical treatment as she could not endure the pain any longer.

A video of the incident quickly spread online and DJ Flavinha (Ribeiro) later updated her 33,000 followers on social media to reassure them of her well-being.

The video shows DJ Flavinha (Ribeiro) with bandages on her neck and several cuts on her face.

She said: "My video is rolling everywhere. There was an accident."

"I ran behind the sound equipment and kept playing even with a lot of blood dripping, with a lot of pain."

"I threw my hair forward and I stayed there. People on my team wanted to take me out, and I didn't want to leave."

Despite her determination to complete the show, DJ Flavinha (Ribeiro) revealed that she could only endure the pain for an additional 20 minutes before seeking medical attention.

Regardless of her valiant efforts to continue, DJ Flavinha (Ribeiro) was only able to endure the pain for an additional 20 minutes before she admitted that she couldn't take it anymore.

She continued: "I left the stage, went to the emergency room of the event and then to the hospital.

"Now I'm recovering and it's all right."

"I'm going to leave the video so you can see what happened, because a lot of people texted me."

"Thank you for the affection, people."

The Santa Catarina Fire Department had previously issued a warning regarding the use of confetti cannons such as the one used in the incident.

The confetti cannons used in the incident are not powered by gunpowder, but by gas. This type of confetti cannon is commonly used at music performances and festivals in Brazil.

The Santa Catarina Fire Department has warned that these types of cannons lack specific standardization, which increases the potential for injury and danger.