Disturbing Fan Theory Suggests Kate Winslet And Cameron Diaz Are Actually Dead In The Holiday

The Holiday movie is a holiday classic and happily re-watched during the holidays. Some of the most unforgettable aspects of the film include Arthur Abbott's soundtrack and the scene where Jude Law bangs on Cameron Diaz's door in the middle of the night.

Without fail, The Holiday has been the perfect film to watch during the festive season.

The movie has a simple and touching plot that involves heartbreak, a budding romance, and a house-swap. Best of all, the film is full of fun and offers a happy ending that makes people watch it every Christmas season.

But here's a strange theory that, surprisingly, makes sense: what if The Holiday is, in reality, a movie about ghosts?

Why The Holiday Could Be A Movie About Ghosts

Disturbing Fan Theory Suggests Kate Winslet And Cameron Diaz Are Actually Dead In The Holiday

For those enjoying the film over the last decade or so, the ghost theory seems quite far-fetched. However, Dana Schwartz took a closer look at this theory in an article, and it was hard to dispute her logic.

There is a lot of evidence to support this strange theory. That is something the most devoted fans of the movie could not quickly notice.

In the movie, there's a moment when Kate Winslet's character, Iris, puts her head over her gas cooker. She takes a deep breath after she gets heartbroken at work.

This makes her come to her senses, and she quickly rushes to the windows to get some fresh air.

At about the same time, Cameron Diaz's character, Amanda, who is in Los Angeles, gets chest pains and has trouble breathing as she kicks her cheating boyfriend out of the house.

Yes, Winslet inhales the gas in the evening, and Cameron Diaz suffers from chest pains in the morning. However, since Winslet is in London and Diaz is in California, the time difference could mean these events are happening at the same time.

Disturbing Fan Theory Suggests Kate Winslet And Cameron Diaz Are Actually Dead In The Holiday

After these bizarre incidents, both characters seem to go on with their lives. They also end up swapping houses.

According to this theory, what actually happens is that their souls are joined together in some kind of limbo, thanks to their complementing themes.

Dana notes that both Winslet and Diaz have some unfinished business. For this reason, fate gives them a little more time, in the form of a holiday, to sort everything out before they move on to the other world.

Without a doubt, this is an exciting theory.

However, a subreddit addresses this issue for those who want to go all the way and enter the dark world of fan theories.

In the Fan Theories thread, a user talks of an idea they discovered in an article written by Sarah Rees Brennan. According to this theory, the movie is more interesting than most people think.

Law does not fall in love with the American woman in his sister's house based on this theory. Instead, Winslet and Law are actually planning to kill Diaz.

In A Different Theory, Law And His Sister Are Up To No Good

Disturbing Fan Theory Suggests Kate Winslet And Cameron Diaz Are Actually Dead In The Holiday

Consider this: Law's character, Graham, is a widower when he meets his new lover. According to this fan theory, Graham killed his first wife to inherit her house.

Apparently, Law and his sister have used a house swap as a trick to make sure Diaz gets into their town, as Winslet does some research to see just how much money and property Diaz has.

This would also help them determine if she also has any family engagements to know for sure if she is worth seducing and getting rid of.

There is a bit of evidence that, strangely, backs up this theory. For instance, Winslet is overjoyed after seeing how "grand and luxurious" Diaz's house is. According to this theory, this reaction indicates that Winslet knows she and her brother have won the jackpot.

Coincidentally, Law's character, Graham, ensures he meets Diaz "accidentally" to get "his claws into her."

The Reddit user adds that everything that happens after that is meant to help fulfill this plan, and it sort of makes sense.

Did Jack Black Ruin Winslet's Plan To Seduce The Old Screenwriter And Take His Property?

Disturbing Fan Theory Suggests Kate Winslet And Cameron Diaz Are Actually Dead In The Holiday

In another bizarre twist, Winslet might have harbored plans to seduce the old screenwriter to get married to him so that she could get his house and fortune after he passes away.

However, Jack Black's character gets involved, and that plan changes.

It is hard to dismiss any of these fan theories because the movie is full of many Easter Eggs and hidden meanings.

Still, it's unlikely that many people will prefer to believe these dark versions of The Holiday over the happy rom-com alternative they already love and cherish.