Disney Unveils Very First Bi-Sexual Protagonist

Disney Unveils Very First Bi-Sexual Protagonist

While it is no longer controversial to include characters of different sexual orientations in the story plots of children's entertainment, Disney trails behind its competitors by light-years.

With the LGBTQ+ community growing swiftly, featuring motives to progress the awareness of homosexuality or other orientations have become more demanding.


Keeping this in mind, it appears that Disney is changing its mindset on the touchy subject. This is despite the fact that most of Disney's hotshots are against the idea.

Dreamworks may still be ahead of them, but with their latest animated series, 'The Owl House,' Disney intends to catch up. Not only does the story feature characters that support the LGBTQ+ movement, but the lead protagonist is bisexual.


Hooting for Change

The creation and motives of 'The Owl House' is a great success. However, according to the creator of the animated children's series, Dana Terrace, making it happen wasn't so easy.

It wasn't easy to convince the producers to allow LGBTQ+ inspirations into the storyline. Not to mention making the lead character bi-sexual.


The story follows a teenage girl who travels to a different world to learn how to become a witch.

Fans Got Curious


The popularity of the series is unquestioned, with many fans never missing an episode.

Following several episodes that displayed bi-sexual tendencies in the protagonist, fans started wondering about it.

They took to Twitter to question the creator about it. Dana confirmed that this was indeed the case.

In the episode, Wing it like Witches, as well as 'Enchanting Grom Fight', Luz Noceda, the protagonist in question, displays feelings for both male and female characters.


In one of the mentioned episodes, a recurring character, Amity, intended to ask Luz to the Grom. Grom is the fictional world's version of Prom.

While most of Disney's management was not in support of these motives, Dana confessed that she would not take no for an answer.

Her persistence paid off, and it is clear from these results that change is often a good thing.

The series is the first to make history for Disney in the direction of supporting LGBTQ+. That's mostly because the protagonist is of a varied orientation.


It may not be the first inclusion of a character with different sexual perspectives but it boasts well for Disney.

It seems Disney is now accepting of embracing change.

Terrace's tweets met with plenty of positivity from the show's fans. She emphasized the importance of allowing teenagers to embrace being different.

She also feels it's important to tell stories that include the reality of modern-day teens.


Step in the Right Direction


Other stories that promote LGBTQ+ characters and motivations also released by Disney grew in the last couple of years. These include 'Out,' a short series with two gay men, namely Gregg and Manuel.

Some more LGBTQ+ motivations was discovered in Disney films like Frozen, which, sadly, was later removed.

A homosexual theme explored in the Disney production 'Andi Mack', makes it seem as if Disney is embracing change. While these changes in Disney's views seem positive, it took some time for them to realize the world has changed.


Another Disney animation creator, Alex Hirsch, creator of 'Gravity Falls,' shared his experience. He said that Disney strictly prevented him from exploring open LGBTQ+ motives.

He responded to Terrace's tweets by sharing his opinion. Hirsch stated that Disney's perfect worlds have nothing but straight characters.

Thankfully, Disney is changing its mind. Fans can't wait to see how the story between Amity and Luz plays out.