Disney Faces Massive Backlash For Firing Gina Carano As 'Cancel Disney Plus' Trends #1. Critics Bring Up Company's History

disney faces massive backlash for firing gina carano as ‘cancel disney plus’ trends #1, critics bring up company’s history

Disney found itself in hot water after Disney-owned Lucasfilm fired Gina Carano over "offensive" social media posts.

One of these posts—a screenshot of someone else's post—held a comparison between the current political climate in the United States and some events related to Nazi Germany.

To some people, this was a clear message that the Lucasfilm actress equated Republicans with Nazi Germany's Jews.

Lucasfilm Weighed in on the Issue

Lucasfilm, a Disney-owned production company, stated:

"Gina Carano is not currently employed by Lucasfilm and there are no plans for her to be in the future."

"Nevertheless, her social media posts denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities are abhorrent and unacceptable."


The firing of Carano caused a massive online backlash with the hashtag "#CancelDisneyPlus," which rocketed to Twitter's top trending news list.

Actress Carano is famous for her role in Disney+'s The Mandalorian.

After the firing of Carano, critics mentioned Disney's rehiring a director who received similar treatment for posting sexually explicit tweets.

Not only that, but they also noted the business dealings of Disney in communist China, as well as other controversial issues.

"Gina Carano's post made the point that mass violence starts with hatred for your neighbor," Daily Caller editor Katrina Haydon said. "This is not only uncontroversially true but also one perspective of the commandment to love your neighbor. That idea is not a call to empty niceness. It's how you prevent suffering."

The reporter Shelby Talcott shared her views:


This Was Not Disney's First Time Firing Someone for a Tweet

Ian Miles Cheong, the Human Events Managing Editor, brought up James Gunn's topic, which Disney rehired after they fired him due to disturbing, sexually explicit posts, including posts about children.

"Earlier this week @andersoncooper compared the January 6 events in DC to the Rwandan genocide, in which nearly 1 million people died." Attorney Harmeet K. Dhillon said.

Political advisor Stephen Miller tweeted out: "As long as Disney caters to China's human rights abuses and literal concentration camps for $$$, pretty much any excuse they use to fire an actor over offensive social media posts is beyond ridiculous. It's that simple,

"And everyone retweeting this in agreement will still subscribe to Disney+ You're also the problem."


Later, Miller tweeted a picture of Uyghurs locked up in concentration camps in China.

"Disney was okay with profiting off China's human rights abuses but fired @ginacarano, who was badass on Mando, at the behest of woke social media mob because our cultural and corporate elites are pieces of shit and deserve your absolute contempt," Daily Caller social media editor Greg Price wrote. "You can be a genuinely cool person like Gina Carano or Chris Pratt, but the woke mob demands you put your pronouns in your bio, or they'll come for your head and corporate America will go along with it because they suck."

The Decision's Critics Had More to Say

Here are the most thought-provoking tweets, that show that Disney really didn't think this through:


Writer Frank Fleming wrote on Twitter:

"Gina Carano is not more offensive than what happened to the Uighur Muslims, something neither Disney nor the people going after her cared about. Why is everything these days controlled by the pettiest people?"

He continued sharing his thoughts:

What do you think of Carano's firing? Are her social media posts really offensive, or is Disney overreacting?