'Disgusting' Line Offending 'One Billion People' Causes People To Boycott Oppenheimer


The Oppenheimer film has been highly praised since its release, but it has also sparked a major controversy in India.

Some viewers are feeling uncomfortable about a particular scene, leading to calls for boycotting the film.

The movie tells the story of American scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer (Cillian Murphy) and his significant role in creating the atomic bomb.

With a captivating plot and a star-studded cast, it seemed destined for success.

However, there's one scene causing a lot of commotion, especially in India.

In real life, Oppenheimer had a deep interest in Hinduism, which greatly influenced his life.

He allegedly translated the revered Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad Gita, from Sanskrit to English.

The film showcases his admiration for the religion, but it's during an explicit scene that controversy arises.

In this particular moment, Jean Tatlock (Florence Pugh) is portrayed making Oppenheimer read the Bhagavad Gita aloud during an intimate moment.

Some Hindus in parts of India are expressing discomfort with the depiction of an intimate moment in the Oppenheimer film.

Uday Mahurkar, a journalist and founder of Save Culture Save India (SCSI), wrote an open letter to the film's director, Christopher Nolan, sharing their concerns.

In the letter, the scene is described as a "scathing attack on Hinduism" and is seen as "waging a war on the Hindu community."

Mahurkar urged Nolan to remove the scene to uphold the dignity of the revered scripture and avoid offending "one billion Hindus."

Twitter users also joined in, calling for a boycott of the film and expressing that it showed "no respect" for the religious beliefs portrayed.

Cillian Murphy, known for his role in Peaky Blinders, has defended the importance and impact of the intimate scenes.

He described them as "deliberate" and "perfectly" executed, enhancing the emotional depth of the movie.

Murphy praised his co-star Florence Pugh for her exceptional performance and their on-screen chemistry.

Despite the controversy, Oppenheimer continues to find success at the box office.

It made a whopping $80.5 million during its first weekend in theaters in the US, marking Nolan's most successful non-Batman debut and one of the top starts for an R-rated biographical drama.

Interestingly, Greta Gerwig's Barbie movie also had a strong opening, taking the lead in North America with an impressive $155 million in ticket sales.

While Oppenheimer is still drawing crowds and creating excitement, it's also receiving some criticism for its portrayal of a significant religious aspect.