Disgruntled Fan Blasts Disney World For Changing Rides, Says Wokeness Is Ruining His Favorite Attractions; Hollywood Responds

disgruntled fan blasts disney world for changing rides, says wokeness is ruining his favorite attractions; hollywood responds

After Disney introduced a few changes to some of its most popular delights, some fans are understandably quite disappointed. It all started with The Orlando Sentinel criticizing the company's "wokeness."

From there, Twitter was on fire. In fact, Patricia Arquette, James Gunn, Patton Oswalt, and others had to come out in support of the company's decisions.

The newspaper wrote:

"Disney is in the process of taking the woke scalpel to the Jungle Cruise. Trader Sam is out because he might offend certain people. Every grown-up in the room realizes that Trader Sam is not a representation of reality and is meant as a funny and silly caricature. It is no more based in racism than every Disney caricature of an out-of-touch white American dad."

Jonathan VanBoskerc, a Christian and a conservative Republican, shared these harsh sentiments. His first problem was with Disney allowing staff members to show tattoos while on the job. The company then made changes to Splash Mountain due to "its association with Song of the South."

Changes were also introduced to the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.

The journalist said that Pirates was once one of his favorite attractions and that his family would always ride it first when enjoying a day at the Magic Kingdom. However, these days, they don't ride it every time because it does a better job of reminding them of reality and the politics that brought about the unwelcome changes than entertaining them.

According to Jonathan, Disney is in the process of losing customers like himself and his family if it keeps up this trend.

James Gunn responded to the commentary and said the 'wokeness' was nothing but seeing tattoos on cast members and getting rid of the 'Trader Sam' character.

According to James Gunn, a grown man seeing or failing to see these characters and claiming that the Disney experience is ruined for him was "HIS problem."

Patricia Arquette criticized Jonathan in a tweet by explaining that he was taking Christ right out of Christian by failing to understand why racist imagery was not acceptable.

She also invited people to consider a person who could no longer ride Pirates of the Caribbean at Disney World because the "Take a wench for a bride" scene, which has crying women tied together using ropes, was no longer part of the experience.

In the end, Jonathan asked Disney to return to the values and the vision Walt had. He insisted that customer experience should be the company's core model.

Consequently, he does not see why immersion should be sacrificed "on the altar of political correctness and appeasing the Twitter mob."

Trader Sam is a shrunken head dealer. He showed up near the end of the Jungle Cruise ride, and he was done away with as a way to remove negative depictions of native people from the Disney experience.

In June last year, Disney had announced that there would be a re-theming of the Splash Mountain ride with a focus on the 2009 film, The Princess and the Frog. According to Bob Iger, Disney chairman, Song of the South, a film based on a plantation in Georgia after the Civil War, was not suitable in today's world given the movie's depiction of its characters in this famous ride.

In 2017, the company made changes to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride by getting rid of the bridal auction, in which pirates sold off captive women in an auction. In 2006, Disneyland introduced an animatronic Captain Jack Sparrow in three locations within the attraction.

The Jack character was created for Disney's blockbuster film franchise long after the ride had grown in popularity.

From the look of things, Disney has no reason to go back and bring back the changes it has made to its theme park experiences as a result of its 'wokeness.' Lovers of traditional Disney rides will have no option but to put up with the new changes.