Disgruntled Employee "Blew Up Warehouse" Because She Was Sick Of Her Boss "Causing Her Stress"

Disgruntled Employee 'blew Up Warehouse' Because She Was Sick Of Her Boss 'causing Her Stress'

After deciding to take revenge on her annoying boss, an angry factory worker in Thailand blew up an oil warehouse and caused extensive financial damage. The woman claimed that the boss was stressing her, and she could not take it anymore.

Ann Sriya, 38, was seen on camera as she walked into the Prapakorn Oil warehouse before the place went up in flames.

The facility is located in Nakhon Pathom, outside Bangkok, Thailand.

The Flames Engulfed The Place Quickly

Apparently, Sriya threw a lit piece of paper on a fuel container at the warehouse. The flames quickly spread to other containers on the premises and created a massive fire.

Since the warehouse was full of flammable materials, the fire spread quickly.

Over 40 Fire Engines Were Required To Deal With The Flames

The blaze was so intense that numerous fire engines had to be called in to help deal with the flames. The firefighters took 4 hours to put off the fire.

The burning oil had made its way into a nearby canal and tainted the residents' water supply by then.

The Incident Might Have Led To Deaths

About ten homes close to the fire damage were destroyed in some way. Additionally, a villager ended up with burns on her arm.

Fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt.

The Damage Was Extensive

According to estimates, the fire resulted in around $2.1 million losses. Given the extent of the damage Sriya had caused, she was put under arrest immediately.

With this incident came the end of her role as the warehouse head.

The Woman Admitted To The Crime

After committing the shocking crime, Sriya admitted her mistake. She admitted to the authorities that she had started the fire because she was stressed because of her boss and could not take it anymore.

She also admitted that she did not think the damage the fire she started would be as bad as it turned out to be.

Apparently, her employer always complained to her every day and caused her unbearable stress levels, and starting the fire was her reaction.

However, this was the second time a fire had started at the warehouse.