Discover And Destroy: 5 Signs You're In Fake Relationships

Discover And Destroy: 5 Signs You’re In Fake Relationships

Before you realize that being solo is better than being in a fake relationship, we need to define it and end it!

Fake relationships are common, and they are not based on real feelings. Sometimes it's about money, certain favors, or pure lust. Either way, these relationships are not based on respect, trust, and honesty, so if you're invested in them, you're in for a rude awakening.


Maybe you were lucky enough, or perhaps you need a sign, or five. Here is how to recognize and end the fake relationship:

Everything is about sex

You are crazy in lust, but there's no communication and no memorable moments outside the bedroom.

You know, sort of like a relationship in "9 ½ Weeks". At least that movie didn't have a happy ending, and it's a realistic portrayal of what to expect from a person who isn't capable of being in a couple.


Too much PDA

When you start a relationship, PDA(public display of affection) isn't off-limits. It's cute, maybe a bit irritating to your friends, but it's expected.

However, if your main turn on and the highlight of your day is a public display of affection, it's a sign of overcompensating.

And like with sex, usually you avoid the real world, talking, and there are no meaningful discussions.


Power struggle

When you are in a healthy relationship, most of the time, you're equals. When you're both faking a relationship, it's like watching egos collide.

No compromise, no intimacy, and a constant need to win an argument are signs that you're not really dating. You're competing with each other, and instead of letting go of your ego, you're letting it stand in the way.


Is it love or settling?

To love another person and to feel their love, you need to love yourself, that's a given.

But, if you're not in that place, it's easier to convince yourself that you're in love, than to face the music.

Faux relationships can be easy, comfortable, and comforting. The only issue is that you don't have a partner. Even worse, you have no idea what it is you're missing, and eventually, the cracks will end your so-called relationship.


Love is selfless

If you love someone's wallet or have some agenda, it's pretty clear that you're anything but a couple.

Lovers don't want anything material, any benefit from their relationship. They want to build a life together, to have a sense of belonging to someone, not obsess about material belongings.

Let's stop glorifying "Pretty Woman" and focus on what's real and right.