Dirty Truth Or Dare - A Complete List Of Questions To Make The Game Fun

Dirty Truth Or Dare – A Complete List Of Questions To Make The Game Fun

Have you and your significant other played a game of Dirty Truth or Dare? Everyone knows the fun game that makes you answer embarrassing truths or do outrageous dares. Truth or Dare is a common game played at kid parties. But it can be turned into an exciting couple's game with the right questions. Keep reading to see what we mean!

Dirty Truth Or Dare

In a typical game of Truth or Dare, you and the other players take turns asking "Truth or Dare." If a person chooses "Truth," you have to ask them a question, and they have to answer it honestly.


Dare, on the other hand, means that you challenge someone to do a task. Typically, these are embarrassing. The more humiliation you cause, the better. But, all in good fun.

Adult Truth or Dare should never put you or anyone else in danger or require them to do something that they are not comfortable doing. No always means no!

Many couples have turned to Truth or Dare as a way to spice things up in their relationship. This game makes it super easy to share intimate details with each other. Plus, making it fun to initiate physical contact.


Questions To Ask In Dirty Truth Or Dare

Glad to know I have you intrigued! Now, let's cover some of the best truth or dare questions you can use during a game to get all the bang for your buck.

We've divided these into different topics, from funny dares to enlightening truths and all the sexy truth or dare questions in between.


You can never play too many rounds of Truth or Dare. You're only limited by your own imagination.

Get To Know You Questions

It can be awkward trying to talk about your sex life prior to your current relationship. But, it is important that you each know the basics of each other's sexual history. Just to be safe.

Talking about your past sex life also lets you figure out your partner's sexual experience. As well as learn what your partner likes and doesn't like.


To make it more fun to learn about each other's previous sexual encounters, you can make it a fun game of Truth or Dare. Here are some good truth questions.

1. How many people have you slept with?

2. What's the kinkiest thing you've ever done?

3. Have you ever had a threesome?

4. How old were you when you had your first kiss?

5. How old when you lost your virginity?


6. What's your biggest turn on?

7. Name your favorite position.

8. What's your biggest fantasy?

9. What is something you hate having done?

10. Foreplay or straight to business?

See a different side to your partner by using these Get-to-Know You Dares.

1. Sing a song that describes me.

2. Show me some sexy moves.

3. Act like you're picking me up at the bar. Give me your best pick-up game.


4. Write my name somewhere on your body that no one else can see.

5. Send me a racy photo somewhere in the house and I have to guess where the picture was taken. If I'm right, I find you there and get a kiss.

6. Give me a ten-minute full body massage.

7. Make me moan in less than a minute with just your fingertips. No naughty touching.

8. Send me a naughty sext telling me what you want to do to me.


9. Pantomime your sexual fantasy without touching or talking.

10. Do a striptease down to your underwear.

Risque Questions

Now that you've warmed up with some simple get-to-know-you questions, it's time to heat things up further with some risque questions. These truth or dare questions are sure to raise the tension in the room and get your partner's mind, and yours, right into the gutter for hours of fun. Without being too explicit!


Try these ten risque truths for Truth or Dare.

1. What part of my body do you love to kiss the most?

2. Do you want to dominate in bed or be dominated?

3. Do you like to be lightly nibbled or bitten?

4. What's your favorite sex toy?

5. What is the kinkiest thing you've ever done?

6. Which makes for better sex? Hard and fast or slow and sweet?

7. Have you ever had sex in public?


8. What's a sexual fantasy you've had about me that you want to try?

9. What's your favorite way to take me?

10. Have you ever recorded homemade porn?

Risque dares to keep the party going.

1. I dare you to give me an erotic lap dance without removing any clothing.

2. Seduce me by looking and talking. No touching.

3. Tell me a dirty joke.

4. Describe a sexual situation starring me.


5. Play a song that makes you think of sex.

6. Streak through the yard.

7. Dance naked around the room to a song from your youth.

8. Pretend to make out with someone to your teenage makeout song. You can use props like pillows, clothing, or stuffed animals.

9. Draw a picture of me and mark X where you'd like to touch or kiss.

10. Show me what you look at for masturbation material. Videos, pictures, etc.


Dirty Questions

If you want your game of Truth or Dare to end up with you and your partner doing the horizontal tango, you're going to want some questions that are downright dirty and raunchy.

Playing this game should never make you feel disgusted or ashamed. It's about bringing a little fun into your intimacy. It is a great and safe way to step outside your comfort zone and explore some different possibilities.


And finally, here are ten good dirty questions to ask your partner.

1. What's your favorite memory of us having sex?

2. What do you want me to do to you when we're done with this game?

3. What do you want to do to me?

4. When was the last time you masturbated?

5. If you could do one sexual thing to me, what would it be?

6. Where would you want to have sex with me the most? Anywhere in the world.


7. Do you like me using my hands or my mouth?

8. What are you thinking right now?

9. How often do you like to have sex?

10. What's your favorite thing about intercourse?

And now, for the grand finale, ten of the best Dirty Dares for Truth or Dare. Some of these are interactive and would require physical contact.

1. I dare you to find some props to use for roleplaying.


2. Massage me for ten minutes without touching any naughty spots.

3. Do something to me that you've fantasized about.

4. Touch me with your lips and one hand to turn me on without touching below the waist.

5. Take a shower together.

6. Spread something tasty on me. Then, clean it off with your tongue.

7. Show me a move you learned watching porn.

8. Let me kiss you for one minute without you opening your mouth or touching.


9. Show me how you like to be touched.

10. Sext me what you want to do to me right now.

Have Fun With Our Adult Truth And Dare Questions

We've given you sixty great questions to use to play a fun game of Dirty Truth or Dare with your partner. And we've even made sure you've got some variety, so you can start the game at an innocent pace and build the intimacy level up as you desire. Challenge your companion to a fun game of Adult Truth and Dare and see what happens.


We're sure this is a game you'll want to play more than once. And don't be afraid to come up with your own truth questions or good dares.