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Dill Pickle Vodka Exists To Take Your Cocktails To The Next Level

Dill Pickle Vodka Exists To Take Your Cocktails To The Next Level

While I don't mind having a beer or a glass of wine from time to time, my go-to option is a stiff cocktail drink.

I like something that packs a punch.

That explains my love for vodka, and I especially like how well it goes down with a salty, crunchy snack such as peanuts.

So, you can imagine how excited I was to learn that I can do this without eating and have a bottle that incorporates both a delightful snack and my favorite drink.

dill pickle vodka exists to take your cocktails to the next level

Allow me to introduce you to dill pickle vodka.

I can't wait to try it out. I tried to learn more about this amazing drink, and here's what came up.

1. You Have Urban Distilleries To Thank For This

The company is in British Colombia in Canada. It has done pretty well for itself in the past, and it has even won awards for its great spirits and wines.

They also have great liqueurs, brandies, gin, whisky, and even vodka. But even with this assortment of drinks, I believe the dill pickle vodka is their best invention yet.

2. Dill Pickles Aren't The Only Flavor

Maybe dill pickles would not do it for you. And that's okay, it's allowed. Fortunately, your desires are accommodated since you will also get to try some other flavors if you like.

The possibilities are limitless, but if, like me, you are convinced the dill pickle flavor will hit the right spot for you, then you will have nothing else to worry about once you have this drink in your hands.

3. Sounds Strange? Not Really

I can totally understand why you might have a problem understanding how dill pickles and vodka would ever come together to form a single product. But if you love cocktails, then you are more excited than curious because the taste this drink has is sure to impress.

With the dill pickle taste, the sourness will blend perfectly with the taste of vodka. If you are a cocktail fan, then you can probably already taste this splendid treat in your imagination.

4. This Is For Pickle And Vodka Lovers

Being a Canadian product, I am yet to get my hands on it. But I can see myself giving this specialty drink a try very soon. I can even see myself packing away a few so I can enjoy them for some foreseeable future. Friends who would love to try this unique blend are obviously welcome.

There is always something interesting out there worth a shot, and I think the dill pickle vodka falls is a perfect example. No? Maybe it's just me because I love dill pickles and vodka, but I still believe this drink is a must-try. What do you think?