Different Kisses And Their Hidden Meanings

Different Kisses And Their Hidden Meanings

According to some scientists, it is believed that kissing is more important to women than it is to men. Women actually use kissing to determine the suitability of their partner. Kissing is beneficial because it helps you bond, promotes good health, can be used as an escape, to convey a message, as an apology, and just for the fun of it. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between the different types of kisses. There are seven different types of kissing that we will explain to help you understand and improve your relationships.

Cheek Kiss

Kissing someone on the cheek is a simple gesture that everyone uses from friends to couples in serious long-term relationships. It's an act of love, or sometimes used to show that you have had a good time with someone like receiving a kiss on the cheek after a date. Women use this kiss by slowly leaning in to show interest. One can add more affection to this kiss by resting their hands on the other person.

Earlobe kiss

Kissing someone on their ear is very personal and is kind of a big deal. People don't just go around giving or accepting earlobe kisses from just anyone. It is personal and is considered one of the most romantic kisses between lovers. Lovers who enjoy being close and intimate really enjoy this kiss as it releases different feelings and emotions.

Eskimo kiss

An Eskimo kiss is when two people rub their noses against each other and move back and forth. It is also known as the nose kiss. This romantic gesture is commonly used between couples who have been together for a long time or couples that have the intention of being together for a long time. This kiss is a cute sign of love and playfulness between two people.

French kiss

The French kiss requires a lot of tongue action and is easy for everyone to master. Once you have mastered it, you will enjoy it more; as it is a slow, passionate, romantic, and sexual kiss full of emotion and intimacy. This is only done with someone you want to get more serious with. This is also considered by some as "1st base".

Forehead kiss

A gentle kiss on the forehead can be used to comfort someone in their time of need or for couples it is used when they are attracted on a much deeper level. This specific kiss can be used to show that you are protective or care deeply for someone. You feel different emotions from this kiss depending on who is giving it to you.

Surprise kiss

This kiss catches you completely off guard, and only someone you are really close to would kiss you by surprise and mean it. This shows that you are comfortable with each other and that your relationship is fun, loving, full of excitement, and spontaneous. This also shows that you find someone's looks or actions appealing on the spur of the moment.

Light and lingering kiss

This kiss is slow and full of intense emotion and passion normally for those who are really in love or in a long-term relationship. You take your time with a kiss like this to show your partner how deeply you respect, care, and love them. The fact that you spend so much time lingering around them means you have to be really comfortable with them and connect on a much deeper level than just physical.

As humans, we only kiss each other for a reason. I hope we have managed to help you understand the different types of kisses and that it can help you in all your relationships.