Diana Made Sure Harry Inherited Her Money For When He Wanted To Leave The Royal Family: "I Think She Saw It Coming"

Diana Made Sure Harry Inherited Her Money For When He Wanted To Leave The Royal Family: "i Think She Saw It Coming"

For many kids, being a prince or a princess is nothing but a beautiful dream. To most people, being royalty is the best thing ever.

Most people don't think of the challenges of being so famous and bearing the responsibilities of having a royal heritage.

Time and again, people have realized that being a princess is not always an easy thing. Diana had more than her fair number of challenges when she became a princess, and Meghan Markle, her son's wife, is going through a similar experience.

Harry and Meghan revealed that Princess Diana helped them leave the royal life behind when they could no longer take the toxicity.

The Royal Family Cut Off Harry And Meghan

Diana Made Sure Harry Inherited Her Money For When He Wanted To Leave The Royal Family: "i Think She Saw It Coming"

In March 2021, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had an interview with Oprah. They discussed their shocking decision to distance themselves from the Royal Family.

Many were shocked to hear what they had to say about the family. They revealed that they had gone through experiences that forced them to leave.

One of the most shocking details was that the Royal Family had financially cut them off. They also lost security access.

It turns out that someone was still looking out for them, and that was Prince Harry's mom, Princess Diana.

Princess Diana Was Watching Out For Her Son

By the time Princess Diana died, she had written a will that left her sons $10 million. This money allowed Harry and his wife Meghan to escape after they fell out with other members of the Royal Family.


Harry's access to his family's money was taken away at the start of 2020. This came after they said they were stepping down as senior royals.

They lived on Vancouver Island on the West Coast of Canada.

With the access to these funds taken away, life was set to be quite tricky for Harry. The couple was getting threats from people who disagreed with their decision to resign from their royal duties.

Without the money, the couple could not afford security when they needed it the most. Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) offered them protection until March 2020.

Eventually, they could only afford security because Princess Diana left them something before she died. During his interview with Oprah, Harry explained how much his mom's help had been to him and his wife:

"I've got what my mom left me, and without that, we would not have been able to do this. What my mom would think of this? I think she saw it coming. And I certainly felt her presence throughout this whole process."


Prince Diana Might Have Foreseen A Fallout Within The Royal Family

In 1995, during a tell-all interview with the BBC, Princess Diana revealed many things about the Royal Family. There are many similarities between what she said and what Meghan and Harry had to say about the Royal Family more than two decades later.

Princess Diana and Meghan Markle seem to have undergone very similar experiences as part of British royalty.

The only significant difference between the two ladies is that Meghan had her husband's support. When Diana was alive, Harry watched the press harass her, and today, he knows how this led to her death.

Harry did not want to wait and watch helplessly as history repeated itself. Instead, he decided that he and Meghan were better off putting as much distance between them and the Royal Family before starting a new life.

Harry believed that Princess Diana had left him and his brother money because she could tell that what happened to her might happen again. According to many people, she might have felt more strongly about this about Harry because he was the "spare" to the throne.


She knew the Royal Family would not care as much about him as it did about William.

While speaking to Oprah, Harry pointed out that he believed that Princess Diana would be unhappy about how things had turned out, although she would still want him and Meghan to be happy.

The Public Responded

The couple continued to get death threats, but many people also offered them their support after they left the Royal Family. People also had a lot of praise for Diana for "taking care of her baby from beyond the grave."

Without her, Harry and Meghan would be very vulnerable since they would not have any money or security. For this reason, Harry thinks his mother knew what was coming.

People also praised Diana for her affection and her mothering skills. Although it has been decades since she died, she still ensured that her son, his wife, and grandchildren were spared the cruelty of the Royal Family and the paparazzi.