Diagnosed Sociopath Explains What It's Like To Date Her


A TikToker, who admits that she is a diagnosed sociopath has taken to the popular video-sharing platform to explain what it is like dating her.

She also talked about what she goes through when seeking jobs and having friendships through her TikTok videos.


The lady goes by the name notkanikabatra on TikTok, and she has stated in her videos that her belief is that all relationships are "transactional" but not in a financial sense.

According to her, she sees the other person as an object whenever she is out on a date. However, whenever they try to "humanize themselves," things get boring for her and she does away with her potential partner in most cases.


Although the content creator would like to have people who add value to her life, she is also sure that these people will never "become significant."

Batra was officially diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder (ASPD).

Previously, she said that she was talking to a psychiatrist who was helping her deal with her "toxic thought patterns."


In her latest video, she talked about what it is like dating her and her view on dating.

She explained that she is very picky about those she dated. Her sole focus is on looks, not status or money.

Batra also revealed that if a man did not have a stimulating conversation with her in the early stages of dating, then she will ghost, block or delete him.

She also revealed that she does not respond to games and nagging. "I like a man to pursue me properly."


Batra also dates women, and she is "a lot kinder and softer" to them since she feels she can relate to them more. She also treats them with a lot of respect in consideration of what they have been through.

Batra also loves having a dominant role in courting. She is also not above paying for things.

She also loves to "lovebomb intensely" and is "very enthusiastic." For this reason, she gets a lot of stalkers whenever she is done with someone.


Batra's video has been viewed more than a million times. People seem quite fascinated by the unique perspectives Batra has offered regarding sociopaths.

Some people thought she was being honest about her thoughts.

Other people who have had a similar diagnosis claimed that they felt "safe" in the comment sections of her videos. In other places, they often felt demonized over their conditions.


Another person claimed that their hope was that Batra would eventually end up in a "healthy and loving relationship." Other people said they had respect for her for being honest about her life.

It is worth noting that there are substantial differences between a sociopath and a psychopath. Psychopaths have little or no conscience.

Sociopaths, on the hand, tend to be reckless and inconsistent in their behavior.


Strangely, BMW and Audi drivers were found to be more likely to be psychopaths. Additionally, an average cryptocurrency investor has been discovered to portray psychopathic traits.

That's certainly interesting to know.