Dexter: New Blood's Finale Just Set A TV Record

Dexter: New Blood's Finale Just Set A Tv Record

The finale of Dexter: New Blood had a twist ending that has managed to set a bad TV show record. That is even though it has managed to set several new records for both the series and the network.

There were both positive and negative comments about the show.

The highlights include the fact that the show was the most-watched series in the network's history. Surprisingly, the final episode set a bad record for having the lowest rating in the series with a score of 4.5/10 on IMDb.

The finale of the eighth season got a score of 4.6/10. For this reason, the final New Blood episode, Sins of the Father, has made a very bad record for television shows in general.

Dexter: New Blood's Finale Just Set A Tv Record

In the final episode, Dexter is put in custody for killing Matt Caldwell and being the Bay Harbor Butcher.

He kills deputy Logan and gets away to meet his son in the woods. His son Harrison realizes he has killed an innocent man in order to run away from justice.

Harrison is not eager to have a similar life and decides he can't follow his father's lead anymore. In fact, he takes the gun his father bought him and points it at him.

Dexter realizes that he has to die so his son can live, and he talks his son into shooting him. Dexter dies after a bullet rips through his body, just as Angela arrives at the scene.

Angela allows Harrison to get away. That might sound like a simple enough ending, but it has created a lot of controversies.

Dexter: New Blood's Finale Just Set A Tv Record

Granted, TV shows have been known to have controversial endings. Examples include Game of Thrones, Lost, and How I Met Your Mother. Some shows prefer to forget about a finale altogether and focus on spin-offs to avoid the controversies that finales tend to cause.

Ironically, the purpose of the new Dexter series was to wrap up some of the issues in the unsatisfying eighth-season finale. After this revival series, fans were supposed to find greater satisfaction in Dexter's story as a serial killer.

The fact that the second ending has been so controversial as well means the show is now unique in that it has two contentious endings. Dexter: New Blood tried to resolve the issues with its loathed lumberjack finale by offering viewers one more season, but it clearly failed.

The recently concluded Dexter series might be more controversial to some than the first. For the most part, many people think the show deserved a second season because everything was rushed.

Dexter: New Blood's Finale Just Set A Tv Record

Although many agree that the ending made sense, they feel that the storyline was not given enough time to develop.

The last Dexter finale was criticized for not making a lot of sense because fans could not imagine how the irredeemable serial killer could suddenly ditch his Dark Passenger and forget all about his son and his lover in order to live as a lumberjack.

While the New Blood finale does offer a reasonable ending to the beloved serial killer, it leaves many loose ends. Fans were left wondering about Angela, Angel Batista, and Harrison.

This has led some to believe that the second season of New Blood might be in the works. At the very least, some people are hoping for a spin-off focused on Harrison.

Given that Dexter was killed in the finale, reprising his role is out of the question. It is also conceivably difficult to imagine that Harrison would help keep a series alive without Dexter.

Then again, trying to have another go at a more satisfying would mean risking a controversial third ending.