"Devil Lips" Are The Latest Craze, And They're Kinda Perfect For Halloween

“devil Lips” Are The Latest Craze, And They’re Kinda Perfect For Halloween

The latest beauty trend is dangerous, weird, yet strangely appealing.

Dubbed the "devil lips," this bizarre trend is about inserting fillers to get your lips to look a bit like a gigantic octopus. That is why the "devil lips" are also known as "octopus lips."

Yes, it looks unnatural, but somehow we got used to things looking slightly out of place. So, here's is what we learned about the procedure, and though it may appear scary, it is perfect for at least one day in the year - Halloween!

The "Devil Lips" Are Taking Over Instagram, But Not Everyone's Happy About It

The procedure involves injecting filler into the outer lip to create an unusual wave. However, the experts are against it.

Dr. Krystyna, Cosmetic Dentist, and Facial Aesthetician warned potential patients that they cannot change the anatomy of their lips.

Instead, you can "sharpen and contour by enhancing the vermilion border, but these 'devil lips' are unnatural."

She further warned about potential risks, stating that fillers may end up in a blood vessel, creating "blockages and leading to necrosis (death) of the tissue."

The doctor added that, since the vessels are around the lips, inappropriately used fillers are the leading cause of these blockages and further complications.

Not only does it look strange, but it is also quite dangerous.

Some Believe This Is Not A Real Trend

Many Instagram and Reddit users think this whole "vampire lips" is a hoax, a not so incredibly done Photoshop.

Despite what others think, some already had the procedure and loved it.

We are all for treating ourselves according to our desires and preferences. However, it is still unclear how this trend came to life, who thought of it.

As some suggest, it started in Russia, but why? Apart from rocking these lips for Halloween, we fail to see the attraction.