Detangled: How August Became The Clown In The Will And Jada Drama

Detangled: How August Became The Clown In The Will And Jada Drama

Actor Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith have been a power couple for decades. Recently, rumors emerged that Will and Jada were in an open relationship. There was a lot of speculation on the two Hollywood stars' marriage. Then came August Alsina with the tea!!!! The R&B singer, in an interview with TMZ, claimed to have been in a sexual relationship with Jada Pinkett for years. According to the singer, he even had Will Smith's blessing to date Jada.

The Red Table Talk

detangled: how august became the clown in the will and jada drama
Say what?

On her latest Red Table talk, Jada Pinkett and her husband Will Smith addressed the rumors with Jada admitting to having been involved in an "entanglement" with the RnB singer. To add to the saga, the couple also revealed that they were separated when the "entanglement" with singer August Alsina happened. This came as a shock for most people.

Relationship Corporate talk

Furthermore, Jada's choice of words while addressing the rumors left the internet buzzing with some people defending her relationship with the younger man. In contrast, others criticized her use of "woke" language to avoid taking responsibility for her actions. The conversation sounded like it was borrowed from a corporate email. On top of the criticism, there were also endless memes, making fun of the trio and the use of the word "entanglement" to describe the relationship.

Sexual Healing

According to Jada, August approached her, looking for healing of some sort. It is unclear what exactly ailed Mr. Alsina that led him to Jada, but he sure did find some sexual healing.

August, however, seems hurt that he got detangled from Jada's spell. The singer should probably have sought help from a professional if he needed healing.


August ended up being the clown in the situation as Will and Jada stood together and addressed their issues. This is an excellent example of why you should stay out of married people's business. To be precise, dating a married person is like remodeling or renovating another person's house. If it is not yours, so leave it alone.

Now Mr. Alsina is left swallowing the lump in his throat as the two love birds walk away into the sunset together. In short, getting entangled with a married person is not a fairy tale and forever after the movie, it is an emotional rollercoaster that will end in tears.