Demi Lovato Apologizes After Backlash Over Frozen Yogurt Rant On Instagram

demi lovato apologizes after backlash over frozen yogurt rant on instagram

Demi Lovato's feud with Los Angeles-based frozen yogurt chain The Bigg Chill came to an end with an apology. The former Disney star, singer and actress, explained that she was not trying to destroy a small froyo business, as her words got misconstrued.

The Original Post


Demi called out the froyo store for serving sugar-free products. She said it was "triggering" to people recovering from eating disorders.

Lovato shared, tagging The Bigg Chill:

"You have to walk past tons of sugar-free cookies/other diet foods before you get to the counter. Do better please."

She added a hashtag #dietculturevultures.

The froyo store replied:

"We carry items for Diabetics, Celiac disease, Vegan and of course have many indulgent items as well."


Demi Lovato Faces Backlash


Naturally, many people didn't understand or like Demi's original post.

Some thought she was selfish; others called her spoiled. Either way, most agreed that picking on a small business during the pandemic is wrong.

To clean up this mess, Lovato made a video explaining what she was thinking.

Lovato's Apology

The nine minutes long post goes in depth about eating disorders and Demi labeled it as triggering.


She started the video by saying:

"I'm sorry that I may have got the messaging wrong. I'm sorry that I may have disappointed some people."

Demi continued:

"When I messaged this froyo place, originally I wanted to make a point, and I wanted to call out behaviors or branding things that didn't sit right with me."

"As someone who deals with an eating disorder and is in recovery from an eating disorder, I still to this day have a hard time walking into a froyo shop, ordering yogurt and being content with it and keeping it down."


The star concluded:

"I know that seems like not a huge deal to a lot of people, but to me it is. "

Jameela Jamil Defends Demi


Demi Lovato was merely speaking from her POV. She didn't think of all the people who cannot eat gluten, those with diabetes, or numerous other diseases.

Of course, it is important to include everyone, including people who are struggling with eating disorders. Actress Jameela Jamil stood up to defend Demi. She tweeted:

"Guilt free is diet culture terminology. We need to stop using that [expletive] term."


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