Delivery Karen Is P-SSED That She Only Received An $8 Tip, So She Takes Food Back To Restaurant (VIDEO)

delivery karen is p-ssed that she only received an $8 tip, so she takes food back to restaurant (video)

If you thought Karen is so 2020, you were wrong, sadly. The newest Karen, a delivery driver in New York, didn't think that an 8 dollar tip was good enough for her. So, she took the food she was supposed to deliver and took off.

Karen was delivering food to Smithtown from Commack. It's a 13-minute drive, so a tip of 8 bucks in this economy doesn't sound that bad. Wrong.

First, our Karen claimed that the drive was over 12 miles long, around 40 minutes. Luckily for us, there's such thing as Google, so that it couldn't have been over 15 minutes. But, the distance wasn't her only issue.

Yelling at the door and leaving with the food

Karen didn't merely complain for no reason. In the clip, the woman can be seen ringing the bell and trying to get the tenants to come out so she can talk to them.

She told a confused man:

"I don't think you realize where it is coming from, so I need to speak with you."

Our Karen continued her rant:

"I don't think you realize the distance that it comes from because then you would have never given what you gave. So I think you can come see me face to face."

The woman then stated that she drove 40 minutes, an "extremely far" distance, to bring the customers their food.

"I got it to you early, and so I don't think you realize where you ordered from."

The man obviously wasn't buying whatever Karen was selling, so he asked her about that distance. She explains that the order was from a Commack restaurant, causing the two to get into a debate over how far the drive actually was.

When the customer tells the woman that the drive is around 15 minutes, the driver asserts that that was not the case.

The spat continued with Karen concluding:

"I feel that is still very far, so you need to adjust your tip to make it right. You gave the 8$ tip."

When she realized she's not getting a bigger tip, she proudly declared:

"Well, I'm going to bring the food back."

We cannot say what was in the bag, but it seemed like a small portion. In this economy, Karen's tip wasn't bad at all. It's not even the fact that she was lying about the distance. However, walking away with someone's order is cruel, just like Karens.

Watch the video: