Delivery Driver Takes Photo To Prove Food's There Before Stealing It

delivery driver takes photo to prove food’s there before stealing it

The feeling of waiting on a delivery, especially when it is food and you are so hungry, can be quite intense. Hence, you might catch yourself peeping out several times every minute to see if the conveyance driver has arrived. That intensity probably led to this discovery.

A delivery driver was caught on camera pretending to deliver food to a client. She was seen snapping a picture of it to portray a successful delivery just before stealing it.

Fortunately, the client, a TikTok user, was able to share a film from her home observation camera. It served as proof that the event took place.

A DoorDash client was stunned to see her delivery get to her door in one piece, only to be taken away within seconds of arrival.

What is DoorDash?

delivery driver takes photo to prove food's there before stealing it

DoorDash is a food delivery company in the US that offers no-contact conveyance during this Covid-19 period. This means the delivery driver can drop off a client's package at his or her doorway or patio.

To confirm delivery, he is expected to take a picture of the request delivered with the hope that the client finds it there.

In this case, the DoorDash driver in question used this framework as an opportunity to swindle a client. She took a picture of the food delivered but stole it right after.

How She Got Caught

delivery driver takes photo to prove food's there before stealing it

The female delivery driver didn't expect the house to have a surveillance camera that caught all she did. However, the entire event was recorded.

The TikToker, @barbiedoll, posted the video online to expose her. It quickly turned into an internet sensation. She posted the video with an angry emoji and the words:

Did you think cameras didn't exist? Hope DoorDash fires you"

The video currently has up to 17.9 million views. There have been numerous requests from viewers, including other dashers, for the driver to be dismissed.

One of those persons said:

Individuals like this ruin it for different dashers

Another said:

As conveyance drivers, we don't claim her

The Video Evidence

@barbiedoll said she has not heard from DoorDash but is attempting to find the driver.

Sharing her experience motivated many others to do the same. The comment section is filled with those who have had similar experiences.

Also, there are those bent on calling out the driver via other social media platforms.

A DoorDash representative told LADbible:

We have zero capacity to bear such improper conduct and are effectively attempting to recognize the dasher.

They promise that once they identify her, she will be promptly dismissed.

The representative further said:

We truly lament that this episode missed the mark concerning the experience we endeavor to give our clients consistently. We are connecting with the client to help.